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  • Michael L. Sharp "health guru" - Must have for anyone with intestinal health issuesThis is one of the best books I have bought.
    If you suffer from IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) you should strongly consider making this your first purchase.
    There are lots of included recipes.
    I have just started to follow the guidelines set out in this book and have noticed an improvement in my IBD within a couple of weeks!
    Highly recommend.
  • E. Staley - Imaginative and thought provoking"Is dying for the truth really better than living with a lie?"

    Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

    Shauna awakes from dreams of drowning and finds herself on a hospital bed. She doesn't remember what happened to put her there. In fact, she can't remember the past 6 months. She is welcomed back from her six week coma by an angry stepmother, a concerned uncle and a caring boyfriend... whom she does not recognize. Her overriding concern is the whereabouts of her brother Rudy. But her questions concerning him are met with avoidance, anger and accusations that she is responsible for the tragic accident, having driven under the influence of illegal drugs.

    Told she awoke from the coma because of a successful trial drug regimen, Shauna leaves the hospital with bottles of pills, her boyfriend Wayne and a lot of unanswered questions. Taken to her father's residence, she faces rejection from both her father, a presidential candidate, and her step mother. Rejection she has endured for many years. Shauna accepts she is forever separated from her father's love, though exactly why remains a mystery to her. But she will not accept the forced separation from her brother.

    Determined to rebuild her missing memories, especially of the accident, Shauna seeks answers and succeeds in regaining memories. But are they hers? Events continue to spiral until Shauna is faced with the choice to die for truth or to live with lies.

    I found Kiss to be an engaging thriller, a blend of romantic, detective and political agendas. This is my second read through. There is very little Christian truth, not the usual Dekker style. But that main Christian truth concerned how we handle our past, our memories, especially painful ones, since we are each a product of our past, our memories.

    Do we focus on the pain and allow it to ruin our lives, or do we gain perspective from it by remembering how God saved or rescued us through the pain, and experience godly growth as a result? A pertinent question and one we can each apply to our own lives.

    Love and forgiveness or hatred and self-centeredness. You choose.
  • Amnon Feiner - Straight to the pointI have followed the "viaMonstra" series for a while now, and they are the best. Not a wasted word or page, and unlike other books that waste 150-200 pages on garbage, thanks and history i did not pay for Kent delivers from page 3 :-). It makes the book easy enough to carry around as well.
    Get the book, Kent is a well known world wide expert, and the book shows.
  • k kuhl - Excellent resource for our trip to AlaskaThis is what I was looking for and so much more. I love how easy it is to find the route I want to drive. It has a wealth of info all along any route you could imagine driving. I was expecting a magazine size book but it is over an inch thick! I love that each exit is covered and it lets you know when to be sure to get gas as well as giving you points of interest along the way! I am looking forward to our trip now rather than feeling uncertain and anxious.