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  • M. Li - Super useful for first time momThis book answers almost every question imaginable! Yes - the internet exists and while it's easy to search for answers on the world wide web - this book is still worth its weight in gold. It's written in a straight forward fashion without any fluff. It doesn't judge you and the decisions you decide to make as a parent. The material and topics are presented in a easy to read manner. Highly recommend! Also, love that it is written by doctors!
  • S. R. Lane - This book was review bombed by an activist groupI haven't read this book yet, but that's OK because none of the 25 one-star reviews read it either. Note that many have been left in a row a lot of them contain text copy-pasted from a fetal alcohol syndrome group.

    While I haven't actually read the book, I can address their beef: The proof that restrained drinking after the first trimester has no effect on the fetus is overwhelming. Most European countries don't hand out cold-turkey drinking advice to pregnant mothers, so we have a ton of data on this. The primary reason that medical professionals in the US advise no drinking at all is that people with a drinking problem are known to drastically underestimate how much they're drinking. So if you're a pregnant alcoholic and are told that a little bit is all right, you're likely to drink a lot and convince yourself it's a little bit. The guidelines in the US are primarily social engineering targeting that group. That's actually not an unreasonable position for medical advice to take. It's just not *scientific*.

    I knew this when I was pregnant and still didn't drink. It seemed like a good mental exercise.

    Now go read the book. :)
  • sunny'smom - Another UseActually have not had to use this product for fleas yet this summer, thank goodness. And I'm happy I ordered it early on when the price was much lower. However, because of the unusual dampness here the past few months I have once again begun to have an ant problem. About a decade ago a friend went to Australia and my souvenir was a package of wipes to help rid anyone having a problem with ants. The wipes contained peppermint and clove oil. The wipes worked to eliminate my problem. So, I am presently using the Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Home Spray for that purpose and happy to report I am having great success! Maybe it will help others having the same problem with ants.
  • Anonymous - Great price!I've always wanted my own uranium ore, but it's always been so expensive. When I heard word that Kim Jong Il, had passed of a heart attack, I jumped on Amazon right away to order a bunch, knowing that North Korea would not need it any more and flood the market likely driving the price down so I bought 3! Thank you great leader, Christmas come early this year!