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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • Victoria Allman - Beautiful StoryJess Walter has captured both the Italian coastline in 60's and present day Hollywood perfectly in this (excuse the obvious word) beautiful story of an Italian boy who falls in love with an American actress. It is an epic story that follows their lives from the few days they met in Italy to their final days.

    Walters way with words will transport you to a small fishing village in Italy like only a trip there could do. You will feel like you are on the Mediterranean Sea drinking wine and spooning up fish soup while reading this book.

    The story weaves together heartbreaking fictional characters with broken historical characters with flawless pacing and a quiet building of drama.

    Beautiful Ruins is the best non-travel travel book I've read about Italy and made me want to book a ticket right away.

    Victoria Allman
    Author of: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain
  • rb_deuce - Amazing Tablet!!!I did a lot of front-end exploratory research when I first decided to purchase this tablet. The reports that a newer model was being released later this year worried me, but after having received the Transformer Prime and doing more research on what all it can do and is capable of, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. This tablet will be a useful tool, and relevant technology for years to come. ASUS has also been wonderful through support on their hosted forums and other community forums. I'm so impressed with this product, I don't know if I could value another company as highly as I now perceive ASUS to be.
  • Ginny Lee - In Her DefenseAs I read the negative attacks on Ping Fu's book, they sounded--tragically and totally unfairly--like the "struggle" session of a Cultural Revolution mob! Many memoirs have been written by Chinese authors who lived through the years of China's Cultural Revolution--and before and after. All of them, all of them, support the authenticity of Ping Fu's account.

    In her "Author's Note," Ping Fu writes that she "tried [her] best to remember and describe the events and people in her life [in China during the Cultural Revolution and afterwards]." She adds, "Many details happened more than forty years ago and [she tried] as much as possible to verify the facts." Questioned in the Forbes' article about some of the criticisms of her account, Ping Fu noted the typo of a year, corrected wrongly reported information about her book, and defended the accuracy of her memoir.

    If nothing else supports her defense--and many details and facts in her book do--strongly--the photos included in her book witness to its authenticity. Here, for example, is a picture of her with other children during the time she and her little sister lived in the dormitories. Another photo shows her some years later--after a few universities reopened--with the group of Shanghai University students who "published a literary magazine composed of poems, essays, and articles about campus news." She adds that the magazine was shut down, accused of publishing "anticommunist propaganda." [Clearly the accusation was false since in those days the students fortunate enough to be accepted in a university expressed only gratitude for being there. I know. I taught in a Chinese university one of the early years after it was reopened--and quite a few years after that.] There are also photos of her sister, Hong, whom Ping Fu took care of during their dormitory years, her Shanghai parents, and her Nanjing parents.

    What I most appreciate about Ping Fu are the traits she said that she had been "forced to cultivate as a child: fierce determination, curiosity, and kindness." In dealing with people in difficult business times, she chose to "love even the people who drive us crazy, those who undermine us, and those who fail us, offering them compassion and forgiveness."
    Now, I suspect that she is responding to those who are attacking her book with the same attitude.

    Interestingly and ironically, the negative criticisms have increased the number of her readers, who now want to read
    about her life for themselves!