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  • Matt Jessup - 3Active comes thruI recently purchased these 3Active glasses and like them. I use a 2012 Samsung UNEH556070 that links to glasses using (RF.) The 3Active "sunglass" style are much more stable than the Samsung ssg-4100 that are included with the television. The bows are so flimsy that both myself and friends find ourselves always fidgeting with them. Not to mention the excessive reflection you get because of the rectangular lenses. The ssg-4100 model is probably ideal for people who wear eyeglasses. The 3Active product is twice the price but is worth it. There are glasses made by "Expand" that require an (RF) dongle be attached to glasses for pairing. They are more than twice the cost of 3Actives. I've not tried those. The 3Active pair linked promptly with my tv and have not failed. Visual clarity is on par with the Samsung ssg-4100. Still, you get a little side lens reflection even in the darkest conditions. Not as bad though. I notice the 3d pop to be ever so slightly better with the 3Active pair. This is based on viewing Imax Hubble 3d, Titanic 3d, and Avatar 3d. I'm still new to the glasses so it will take awhile to go thru all my 3d blu rays. At this time I would recommend these to any Samsung 2012 3d tv owner as a better option for active shutter (RF) glasses. Additionally, I would say avoid buying glasses from a vendor called "Ultimate 3d Heaven." They claim their model is compatible with all active shutter Samsung tvs. However, they only pair with older sets that use IR.
  • Ms. Adams - Wonderful!Ok this is a miracle pill to address my irritable moments. Everyone around me is happier & so am I! Love it!