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  • Evega - Love the price!Always been using this software as a precaution for malware and so far has worked well. Easy interface and in my experience doesnt slow down the computers in which is installed. The price is excellent considering what you pay for when buying it freim the storeir norton's webpage. I use it on windows 7 64 bit pcs, so far no problems at all.
  • Erika - No regrets here!We purchased this for our 2 1/2 year old son for Christmas. I was a little worried that it might be a little advanced for him, but we took a chance. Well, two months later, he LOVES it. We got the recharger pack because we knew it would pay for itself in no time. He plays with his LeapPad 2 everyday. I have no complaints about the cost of the apps that he's using now. There is NO WAY I'd buy a tablet or IPAD thats made for an adult or older child. This thing is pretty strong. My husband and I see a MAJOR improvement from the time he got it until now. Two months and he is a computer wiz. I am really happy we got this for him. I'm only sad to report that the other day at Grandma's, the screen busted totally, We asked him what happened, and he says it was an accident. He was really upset and he has never mistreated this toy. So, after much debate, we decided that we would buy him another because he has benefited from it so much. I contacted LeapFrog customer service and am very happy to hear that we do not need to re-purchase all of his apps. They will transfer to his new LeapPad2. I only wish that LeapFrog gave you the option to purchase a warranty, but I can also understand that people would misuse it. No complaints from my son, myself or my husband. Price is reasonable so we are going to replace.