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  • Becker - Hair Removal SystemRemington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System

    When I saw this hair removal system on the vine list, I was intrigued. The thought of not having to shave for six! However, once I received it, I procrastinated actually using it. I thought that the instructions were going to be long and cumbersome, I thought it would take a whole evening to do one treatment, I thought it would be painful.

    Finally I pulled the box out and opened it up, read the instructions and watched the video. Fortunately for me, I have naturally light colored skin and brown hair, which is what Remington says, is optimal for this product. And, as it turns out the instructions were not difficult at all: shave and treat, then repeat every two weeks for a total of three treatments. After that I'll need to repeat when needed.

    I was able to treat my legs while watching television and it didn't take nearly as long as I had thought it would. I felt no pain whatsoever, and used it at its highest energy level.

    It has been a full week since my first treatment, and the hair in the treated areas is growing back slightly, but not anywhere near a normal `week's worth of growth', looks more like I haven't shaved in a day or two tops.

    So far I'm very impressed, but I will come back and update my results in a few weeks to report on how treatment #2 goes.
  • VJ - Unbelievable Miracle in my LifeI was diagnosed with IBD/Colitis/Crohn's symptoms in September 2003. Since then I've continuous severe abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements (6-10 times a day), mood swing, depression and irritability for almost 7 years. Several GI visits gave me confused conclusion of my disease. Everytime I visit any GI, they want to do colonoscopy but at the end they will say I don't have colitis. May be IBD or Crohn's...what kind of idiots these GI's are. what a waste of money and discomfort I need to undergo for Colonoscopy. Luckily I've very good break in coverage. I've never been symptom free or in remission during the last 7 years.

    I've changed several GI's since 2003. They all gave me Asacol (400mg-2 x 3 times a day for almost 6 years but in vain). Since I've this problem for long time I don't know what is normal life. So I was desperatly taking Asacol almost all the time. But my symptoms never subsided. Recently, last year I found a pretty good GI-Bob Wilson (OK city, OK) to treat my Fistula infection. He was the first GI want to listen to me about my symptoms and wanted to treat without doing Colonoscopy. He started with heavy dose of Asacol (Asacol HD 800mg - 2 X 3 times a day). Crap !!!. My symptoms got worsened.. also it gave me severe side effects such as tiredness, nausea, joint and body pain. Because of my desperation, I don't want stop my medications. When I told the GI about my side effects he did not believe me. Later, my GI prescribed me Prednisone 40mg but I refused to take because of the well-known side effects. Later, He put me on 6-MP.Immediately after start taking 6-MP, I had severe side effects such as heart palpitations, depression, body aches and nausea. After one week, I've stopped taking 6-MP. During my recent GI visit in February 2010, my GI told me that the only option left is Remicade which is a dangerous drug (side effects)given to treat life threatening colitis/crohn's symtpoms. I told my GI I don't want to take Remicade.

    Later, my wife found some diet solutions for Colitis symptoms on web site. Lot of people mentioned that by following the "Strict Carbohydrate Diet" in the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" healed their IBD/Colitis/Crohn's completely. I did not believe it when my wife first told me. Also, I've talked to one of my friend who is a Registered Dietician about my symptoms. Immediatly after knowing my symptom, she told me it's not a big deal. We can cure this instantly by diet management. I did not beleive it again. The reason is I've two master's and one Ph.D degrees in Biology. I thought there is no logic/scientific basis in these Diet claims. May be I've more faith in these toxic drugs given by these idiotic GI's than these simple natural diet.

    During my GI visit in Feb 2010, my GI told me the only option I've is Remicade. oh..well. I told him I don't want to take Remicade. I'll try Asacol HD for a while. I came home without any options. I've two kids and I'm the only bread winner for my family. I've to work almost 12 hrs a day/7 days a week whole year. This Asacol HD is killing me.
    Finally, I've decided to give a shot on these SCD diet. So, I've ordered two books on amazon:"Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" by Elaine Gloria Gottschall and "Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet: The Grain-Free, Lactose-Free, Sugar-Free Solution to IBD, Celiac Disease, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, and Other Health Conditions (Healthy Living Cookbooks) by Raman Prasad". I've stopped taking all medications and started following very strict diet based on these two books starting from March 1 st, 2010. Today, after almost 2.5 months, I've no colitis symptoms after 7 years of my horrible life. What a miracle this book is in my life. If you want helathy and disease free life, follow your guts: Follow the SCD diet. Stay away from toxic GI's and their Evil drugs.

    I'd like to thank all the people who gave testimony about this book and theei experiences her in amazon. It not only gave me confidence but also gave my life back. Now, I've a future in my life which I did not have it before.

    Good luck for all IBD/Colitis/Crohn's sufferers. God Bless you all !!!.
  • ashma - Best buy for a tablet!If you want a tablet with the following: a responsive screen, very good resolution screen, good internal hardware, and inexpensive, buy a Kindle Fire! It has been so great I bought it for an older relative who needed a user friendly tablet. It is leagues better than our Nook Color, that has been endlessly frustrating.
  • Jana Taylor - powerful, easy to use.I got this before I had gotten my Pen Mouse and graphic tablet. Using this software with a regular mouse didn't have the results I wanted. But as soon as I hooked up the pen mouse when it came that made all the difference. So don't get this unless you have a pen mouse or you will not like the results.

    What I like:

    Easy to set up and use

    Controls are very intuitive. Took about an hour of messing around and I think I have 80% of the program features mastered.

    Great for the doodler, or even more serious artist. Has a "lighter" feel than photoshop or Gimp. I think this is easier to use out of the box.

    I highly recommend this program. I prefer it to Gimp and Photoshop mainly because it is easier for me to use. I am not a professional artist or graphic designer, I just like to do art as a hobby and I think this makes it so easy for me to do. As easy as pen and paper, and that is the key. It is not at all cumbersome.