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  • Robert P. Beveridge "xterminal" - Still early in the testing phase, but in love with this thing.My company's CIO hauls one of these things around with him, in a smaller capacity, for whatever reason. I never really thought of an external hard drive as a portable solution because, well, it's a freaking HARD DRIVE. I came of age in the 1980s, when you were paying two hundred bucks a meg and if you even looked at the thing sideways, you ended up with scratched plates and a lot of green down the tubes. (If you're old enough to remember when there was a "park" command you could issue to a hard drive to make it SLIGHTLY safer to transport...!) I figured, okay, Amazon, you're going to give me half a terabyte free? I'll do something I'd never have the guts to do with a hard drive I bought... treat it like my CIO treats his. So whenever the laptop comes home with me (and then goes back to work), I toss this guy in the laptop bag with no special treatment. I should mention my car's shocks suck, as well. And so far... not a blip. Granted, I'm still keeping copies of everything on here in another place just in case, but this guy has taken all the abuse I've thrown at it and kept on ticking. And to be able to have my entire music collection with me at work? Fantastic! As long as this thing doesn't have a catastrophic failure, I can recommend it without hesitation...and even if it does, well, you're probably not abusing it the way I am. Unless you're my company's CIO.
  • jjiggs65 - What a relief!I had borrowed this set of cds from a friend and I was able to put some of the ideas into practice immediately. Great results. What an incredible relief. I have a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development, as well as 15 years of working with children in several different settings. Having my own children has been a totally different experience, just like people said it would be. Although my son (10 yrs. old) is typically known to be a wonderful kid with others, with me he had become more and more disrespectful and abnoxious. I had started to wonder if there was a medical or psychological issue that I was missing. With the help of this program, I have already started to turn things around. Amen!