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  • Y. L. Isaccson "reader" - Fantastic, couldn't put book down.Taking Eve was the first of this series, it too was a five start book and keep you on the edge of the couch and turning the pages as fast as your eyes could read. Hunting Eve picked up where the first book left you. It too was spell binding and on full alert waiting to read what would happen next. Have pre-ordered Killing Eve and waiting expectantly for it's release and will hopefully have a closure to this story.
  • Feedback "mchorp" - Best Tablet as of Jan 19 2012This tablet is awesome. All of the Ipad users are envious of me. The only negative I can find is that it takes a long time to charge. If you're low on power the USB won't keep up while your using it. Also, best to use the USB plug adapter that came with the unit. I used another and it didn't charge as fast. The power life is good. It is about 7+ hours of battery life on the conserving power mode with wifi off. I don't have the exact numbers here but doable for me. Also, great price compared to the Ipad and this has a bunch of features with 32 gig instead of there for 16 at $100 more.

    On the postive this is an amazing product. It is very well built and with micro USB output, expansion for Micro memory, 8 Mega pixel camera on back, this is great. I purchased the Kindle Fire and sent it back quckly because it was too limiting. Ths does everything that I expect with crystal clear screen and good speakers.

    I played2 and this is much better.