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  • Gotta B - Wish others would read this book or quit posting to YouTubeOK, so that title is a snobbish statement, but I despise, "How To" videos when the creator starts with a two-minute, off-subject ramble about himself or about why he decided to make this video before he gets to the how-to. Don't those people watch their own videos before posting to YouTube? Don't they have any editing software? Don't they think about their audience? Haven't they read this book?
  • R. Kent McVety - 3d Glasses for Panasonic ST30I purchased two pairs of the SainSonic 3d glasses for my new 42 inch Panasonic ST30. I chose the SainSonic over the more expensive Panasonic glasses based upon the numerous reviews. I do not have any complaints about the glasses other than they do not fit well over my prescription glasses. My prescription lenses are large, and so the 3d glasses do not completely cover. It would be nice if someone could come out with clip-on 3d shutter glasses. The shutter glasses work well. They have a yellow tint until you turn them on. They do darken the picture like all 3d glasses. I compensate by turning up the brightness and color on the TV. I watched The Lion King in 3d, and found they did a good job. There was no flicker or ghosting in the picture. The only flicker was from light coming through the window during the daytime. The TV was flicker-free.
  • kimmibiz - Been a user for 12 years! Will never stop :)I started using this product when I was 15 years old, now 27, when I had terrible acne. I will admit, the first few years my skin was FLAWLESS. It was the first time in my life that my skin looked so good I didn't even need to wear makeup. I guess my skin did get used to it after awhile and sometimes I will get a small pimple or two but NOTHING like the acne I used to have. If you use this product every day and night you should rarely have any pimples. After 12 years I have tried other acne systems (just trying to find something a little cheaper) but NOTHING compares! This company better stay in business forever b/c i never plan on stopping. My skin is always soft and clean feeling. I don't know where my skin would be if it weren't for this product! Love it.
  • D. A. Muir - Leapster IPad 2I bought three Ipads as Christmas gifts. One for a 4.5 year old and the other 2 for 2.5 year olds. They absolutely love them. The kids took to them easily. Their grandparents bought the apps and we preloaded everything for Christmas morning. Their uncle bought the headphones and backpacks for the associated gear. They have been using them ever since. They are great to have for long trips in the car. The parents of these kids can't say enough about how great they are. I would recommend them highly to anyone who really wants to make a big hit as a present. I was a "super star" for buying these gifts.
  • Connie - Hopeful diet!Read through this book in a couple of hours. Not sure yet, if it is worth its weight in gold, but it may well be. It makes perfect sense, and we are giving it a try. Just a week into it, so far so good. I would recommend a trial to anyone needing medication for Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis or leaky gut type diseases.

    EDIT: November, 2012. My son has been following this diet for just about a year now. He is medication free, with no symptoms for the last 9 months. This diet has, beyond a doubt, put his Crohn's into remission. A word of caution. For the first couple of months, symptoms wane but don't disappear. The became milder and further apart, but it was discouraging. It wasn't until the third month that we were completely certain it was working. If anyone wants to try this diet and needs support, you are welcome to visit: