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  • Susie Parnell - Wonderful aid to have when planning or taking a trip to Italy!My husband and I recently took a trip to Italy and without this book as a guide, we would have been lost! I used in for planning our trip and the wealth of information contained in the book was excellent! We used the trains to travel from city to city and the advice was perfect and accurate, as well as many other topics that were covered in the book about the country and various aspects. Once we arrived, we used it constantly as a reference and it was awesome! Thank you Rick Steve's for all the valuable info!
  • Diane Gabryjelski "Diane H" - Changed my life!!!Four months I started having major IBS issues- out of the blue. Doctors did blood tests, ultrasounds, stool samples, even a colonoscopy. All appeared healthy. Not one doctor asked me about my diet. Which I thought was great. Little did I know that my morning smoothie made with homemade almond milk, kale, strawberries was making me sick! As well as frequently eating salmon. Salmon!!!! Within two days of following the Plan, all issues were gone. ALL! I have gotten my social life back, no more painful days and nights- thank you Lyn-Genet Recitas!
  • Patrick Allard - Rogaine without the hassleRogaine seems to slow down the speed of hair loss. It's not the same for everyone but it does seem to work for me. The foam is much better than the liquid form as in it is easier to apply. As the rogaine website often list the 4-foam spray format as unavailable, I often place my orders for the 3-foam spray instead here and I get it fast. I recommend it.
  • Moonlite Star - Great fitness game!I got this around the same time I picked up Nike+ Kinect Training, and I ended up using this game more. The way YSFE breaks down the work outs makes it easier to vary up my routine to my liking, and I enjoy the variety of activities this game offers. I also owned the YSFE version before this, and the 2012 update has definitely improved. It reads kinect movements a lot better than the previous, and has much more variety. There's still some activities I haven't tried, but the warm ups, games, classes, are all great. I haven't done too many of the focused workouts, as I find those less interesting than the classes and games, but those workouts are nicely broken down to a variety of difficultly levels. The downside is, it's the same workout time and time again, so it can get boring if you only do those workouts.