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  • Rhonda Hicks "Tiny Dancer" - Still as cute as ever, now with a glossaryNot just cute, it's Cute Overload! Still the best collection of adorable animals amassed for your enjoyment, a new pic every day, but what's all this cutesy talk about "'tocks" and "floof" and "prosh"? The fine folks at CO (that would be Meg) have heard your confusion and have included a handy-dandy glossary. You now officially have no excuse, you must surrender to The Cute!
  • AH "Research Mama" - This is a way of life that is ahead of it's timeAfter 2 years of this diet as a way of life in my family of six, I can tell you that this diet is undoubtedly ahead of it's time. There is no need for detox when you live like this! The wide array of ailments that this diet addressed in my house was proof enough for me and my crew that there is something really off with the standard American diet. I have tried in my weaker moments to cheat on this diet and each time, my body insists that I drift back to SCD. Once you live healthy and eat right like this your body runs like a machine. I sleep better, function better, think clearer. It really makes me wonder what in the world I was eating before that was apparently so bad for my body. What doctors miss today while they are spending all of five minutes with us to write our name on that little prescription pad, is that our body is a system. We cannot be treated by specialists that only look at one segment of the body at a time. You are a product of everything that goes into that system. The gamble is how long will your system run on those conditions before you see it begin to break down. SCD has undoubtedly given me, my husband, and my four little ones ranging from infant to 6 years old growth, energy, focus and health. Two of our kids grew three inches on this diet in the first 3 months! So much for kids needing starch to grow! We are one family that is not going back.
  • nguyen tran - Great featuresThis is an oustanding software with many useful features. The software doesn't slow down my computer even when a full scan is in progress. The greatest feature is the protection for my phone. I don't do banking with my smart phone but it's always nice to have some protection. And the license is good for 3 PC's. If they have some rebates on this software, don't hesitate to get one.