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  • R. Knight "megacalm" - Rescued on KDLinks!Picture this: your on vacation, you get into your cabin, you get out the blu-ray player with all its fancy apps, your significant wants to watch Revenge, and there's a television...but with no HDMI input. That means no Netflix, no file playing, etc. So you need a media player, specifically one with these requirements:

    - handle external drive with file support
    - control on/off subtitles embedded in files
    - analog output to older televisions
    - access to online content

    After pouring through review after review I settled on KDLinks A100. After upgrading the firmware, this is what I found how it meet those needs and more.

    First, it handled external drive support perfectly. Plug the drive into one of the usb ports (there's two) and it is recognized right away. If you want to play the most media files, install VPlayer especially if you want too turn on or shut off subtitles embedded in your files (Roku won't do that and neither will WD players in most cases).

    KDLinks A100 solved the older television problem by outputting to older analog sets. At the same time there is HDMI support so your covered there too.

    As you can access Google Play, there is a ton of content that can be downloaded to this player. Whatever can be played on your Android phone or tablet can be accessed by remote control on the big screen. Netflix, music stations, Christian talk, its all there.

    So how do you make that work? A number of ways. First, you can use the remote control by clicking through content on the screen or if that's tricky, a button on the remote brings up a mouse pointer. Came in handy many times.

    Or, use that free USB port to plug in a mouse, or an external keyboard. And get this, use the nav tabs on the keyboard, and the pointer automatically comes up.

    Another cool feature:

    Looks like a router? The KDLinks A100 is also a router! My cabin didn't have wireless internet, but plug Ethernet into this, set it to Internet Sharing, and you have your wireless internet without dragging around another accessory.

    Last, what about service? KDLinks answers their emails pronto, and go out of their way to make sure you are helped and satisfied with the results.

    So, lots of pros, any cons? That's obvious, but its not a real one: this is not just a digital media player, its an Android computer, so expect to do some tinkering. However, that's also why its so cool, surf the net, answer email, play media, etc, its all here on the big screen without the big price.

    Maybe you'd rather do less tinkering. In that case I suggest the Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player NTV300Max. Also does the main things I was looking for, but nothing more. It also seems it has a very low rating on Amazon, whereas this player has a higher average. So you pay more and get more is the usual case

    So we got to watch Revenge and I got into the world of Android in a big way with this player. Give it a try and get ready for fun!
  • Yajaira M. Martinez "Y@ry" - IS A MUST HAVEI must say that of all the drug reference books and applications that I have purchased, this has to be the best.
    It is small and easy to find what you need. I use it for clinical, pharm class, med surge, and all of my studying
  • J. Mengesha "Ever Reading" - Helpful College GuideWe got so much out of using the guide for our older child four years ago,I immediately bought an updated version for this year's search.
    At the front of the book is a self-survey, that really helps a student figure out what they are looking for in a college. I took our daughter's remarks and helped her by finding colleges in the guide pages, matching her answers to the very helpful summary information and icons for each school entry. We were able to hand the book back and forth this way, so the task was not too overwhelming for just one person.
  • D. B. Nolley - Understanding the historical JesusIf you read the Bible and have some difficulty understanding phraseology, rationale, context and etc., this book is essential reading. I've been a Bible student for several years now and very few tomes have helped me understand why the Bible is written in the way we now see it. But be warned, you have to approach this with an open mind and not look for a hidden agenda in Aslan's writings. You'll find in the second half of this book, that even as a practicing Muslim, Aslan is a huge fan of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. His historical perspective helps pull everything together and makes the narrative of the Christ more clear.

    One of the things that always nagged me was why would the Jewish church officials, priests and holy men want Jesus crucified. Okay, he was claiming to be the Messiah and they found that blasphemous. So what. And if the Romans wanted to wash their hands of the whole deal, how could the subjugated Jews bend the Roman governor to their desires? If the Church officials of Jerusalem were the offended parties and the Romans didn't care, why couldn't the church community carry out their own dirty work. Since when does the subjugated dictate terms to the ruling class? Did Jesus' transgressions really call for scourging and crucifixion? Crucifixion is a horribly brutal way to execute someone for a non-violent crime. Particularly if you (The Romans) care so little as to try to wash your hands of the deal. And if the Romans were indifferent, why send a phalanx of armed troops to apprehend Jesus at the Garden at Gethsemane. There was more going on here than is apparent to the naked eye.

    You want a better understanding? Read this historical perspective of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. You'll be glad you did.