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  • Keith - Soda Stream Jet Is FantasticI've had my Soda Stream Jet for several months now and finally have the hang of making the best soda on the planet. I chill the bottle of filtered water to just over freezing, about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Three or four charges spaced a few seconds apart is next. Then, I put the bottle back in the fridge for no less than ten minutes and most times overnight to allow the CO2 to get absorbed into the water. These steps are imperative to making good soda that won't go flat by letting all the gas escape as soon as it's made. The fact that the Jet can use the larger 130L CO2 tank is an added benefit. When I needed a refill, my local kitchen store swapped out the small 60L OEM tank for the larger one for me for a one dollar exchange fee. The 60L tank made exactly what they claimed it would. I would recommend this product to everyone.
  • sheila stevens - best productBest Acne medication ever my son is a musucian and his skin is clear worth the expense give it try
  • K. wagner-price - the truth - like it or notThis was a hard read for me, in many ways. But now, at the end of the book, I can say that I was challenged by its message, brought to my knees by conviction and truly feel as though a wonderful mentor sat with me, talked with me and directed me back to where I needed to be. I agree with her points, point of view and interpretation of scripture. Like I said, it was a hard read. The issues of birth control were the hardest for me. Thought provoking and scripturally based, it is hard to rebuke what she is saying. We dont want to believe that we should give up that kind of control, we dont believe that we need to, which is the premise for the book. I have looked at my husband, children and responsibilities in a vastly different way (understatement) since reading her words. I am thankful for the book, thankful for its message of truth in a world where we really rarely get a message that is not watered down.
  • JaRed Stidham - Does this work???I am skeptical of this product because my husband and I, have been trying to conceive for almost a year now and nothing seems to work. We have an almost two year old daughter and we want to give her a brother or sister and everything keeps slamming me in the face. Every month 24-27 I get my period and every time it hits I'm super upset because I am not pregnant. :/ everything gets me down. I am healthy. I eat healthy. I excersie and everything.. But will this help me.. My periods are irregular.
  • mr_bunghole - Offers the best of everythingBeing the chronologically backwards guy I am, I listened to Mezzanine before I listened to this, and I loved every single song on it. In my collection of about 100 albums, Mezzanine would easily rank in the top 10, possibly top 5. It was the single most immaculately produced CD I have ever heard, the vocal performances were out of this world, and the songs were great too. Massive's debut 'Blue Lines' also features the great vocals and wonderful genre-twisting, moody, soulful songs of its latest album, but being 7 years behind Mezzanine, it isn't quite as perfect in the production department. Not that this is a complaint - when the music is this original, melodic and milk chocolatey smooth, the CD isn't dependent on superior production. The music contains the raw emotion of retro-70's soul, the mellow quality of reggae, and the strong beats and vocal exchanges of hiphop, all melded into one seamless, natural, unique sound. The album, only 9 songs long, has created its own genre of "trip-hop", which is a commendable achievement. My only complaints - the title track doesn't quite grab my attention, and the repetitive beats and bass line of track 8 'Lately' just sounds kinda cheesy to me. Still, 7 of the 9 songs are works of art. Standouts include the strong opener 'Safe From Harm', the R&B influenced 'Be Thankful For What You Got', the strings-drenched 'Unfinished Sympathy', as well as the Horace Andy-led 'One Love' and the profound 'Hymn Of The Big Wheel'. But best of all is what is possibly the mellowest hip-hop song ever written in 'Five Man Army'. The vocal exchanges are superb, and Daddy G is always a treat for the ears. The flow of this song is unmatched by artists that are strictly hip-hop. And there is no vocalist quite like Horace. Believe everything you've heard about this album - it is truly a work of art (save for 2 tracks). This is Massive's crowning achievement, if only because its their debut, and deserves a spot in everybody's music library. If you don't like this, you don't like music.