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  • Ryan Michael McGee "OCD" - Excellent! A "must read!"Powerful book; not for the faint of heart! This book is really only for those willing to take an honest and open look at the sin and deceit in their lives. When we give ourselves up to be shaped and molded by the Potter's hands, He does wonderful things in our hearts!!
    I just wish that I had read this as a new bride ten years ago!!
  • Enirco - ExcelentThis tablet will be AMAZING for the price point that it is when they fix the support issues. I would have thought this to been taken care of before the release date.
  • Quadraticaly Deduced "Michael" - Quantum Encoding CapabilitiesAn important point is being missed here. It's not just getting better ones and zeros. That doesn't matter in the digital realm. This isn't like analogue. Your computer could care less for a more integer like one or a more perfectly empty zero. This cable goes beyond that. It actually enables quantum digital data transmission. It's a dedicated ether link cable. Not an ethernet link cable like a lot of know-nothings seem to be touting. This baby hooks you straight into the ether. It's powered by internal subatomic weak nuclear forces (note they use weak nuclear forces to reduce the risk of radiation poisoning), and along the length of the cable, the weak nuclear forces collapse by means of quantum resonance with the ether to yield the data you wanted (and unfortunately the data you don't want as well, it's a quantum thing). It has two ends, which is where the confusion comes in. You plug one end in if you want to receive data from the ether. The other end is plugged in to use the weak nuclear forces to recharge your battery on the go if you run into an emergency. Some confusion also comes in about uploading. You don't upload into the ether. Since it exists outside of the general time space continuum, it's not subject to the laws of cause and effect. It needs no additions or updates.
    Important note: I had a friend who thought he'd be smart and power his electric car with the power supplying side of this cable. It's not meant for high amp pulls or continuous duty cycles. He ended up over heating the cable and causing a space time anomaly. It would have ended the universe had it not been for a freakish physics loophole. Apparently the cable becomes 50% closer each nano-nano-second to imploding our galaxy and all four of it's dimensions, but since it works off of a percentage and not off of a definite value countdown, it will never actually reach the crucial point but merely come closer and closer. Quantum physics are so quarky some times.
  • Spring - Awesome BookI have purchased a lot of dating books before but this one is very special. This book is not only super useful but also FUN to read! Hussey did a great job. just like his personality, he presents his material very well in the book and it is very easy to understand. After I read the book, I feel I understand men 100times more and I am ready to go back to the dating world again! I strongly recommend to anyone no matter what your relationship status is I think this book will help you a lot no only in the short term but long term! Cheers!