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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 27896 Wilson, North Carolina

  • Audrey - Everyone who loves to read, or even just likes to, should have a kindle.I really bought this for my grandson but his parents objected to him having another electronic gadget, so being an avid reader, I kept it for myself -- what a good decision! It makes reading so much easier and it actually takes up less room in my purse than a paperback. Not being a 'techie', and a senior citizen to boot, I would wish for more detailed instructions on its many facets as I am sure it is capable of much more than I demand.
  • ICHKK - Great tablet, no major issuesTablet charges quickly, from 50% to 100% in a couple of hours with included charger. Only charges via USB port when the unit is in standby.

    Wifi works fine (router is on ground floor and used it on third floor. was able to stream movies on youtube) If you are having issues with wifi, try changing the channel on your router. I'm using an 802.11B/G router.

    Can't get GPS inside, but GPS locks quickly on my porch (a couple of minutes). Be aware that GPS is a very weak signal and difficult to lock indoors. If your other device is able to connect indoors, it's most likely using the cell network to triangulate or wifi network. I tested out the GPS in a moving car on a cloudy day. Got 13 satellites and used 10 within 2 minutes of enabling it (no wifi). There is a little loss of signal strength when the tablet is vertical vs horizontal.
    I downloaded Locus and some maps and tested the GPS in a moving car. Works great. Got like 14 satellites and it followed me pretty good. I'm not sure how to mount it in my car though. Since the GPS antenna is on the edge where the camera is, make sure you are not holding it there since that will degrade performance.

    Screen looks wonderful. Super IPS pretty bright. It's pretty easy to change the brightness. Fingerprint magnet, but easily cleaned with the included cloth.

    Camera blows Ipad 2's camera away. Pictures are useable, but I'm not sure how much I will use it. Flash also very bright.

    Stock browser pretty good. There are a few hiccups (but even my 2 quad core computers have them now and then). Haven't had major issues with any web pages I visit so far.

    ICS very intutive. It took about 10 minutes to upgrade. Was able to figure most things out without the manual (available online only). Everything synced to my google accounts easily. I had a few apps force close, but restarting them made it fine. I have not had to fully reboot my system yet (had it for a week). Tablet is pretty zippy. Don't have much to compare to except my wife's ipad 2 and they're pretty similar.

    There are a bunch of apps, but the good ones are still limited. Some apps just don't open, probably due to the new OS. Make sure you d/l the amazon appstore for some freebies. Some good free ones that work are google translate, google++, google Earth, wifi analyzer, GPS test, BSPlayer lite, angry birds, kindle, skype, and tank recon 3d. Skype video chat works. You need to go in the Skype settings and enable video. It said it hasn't been optimized for the device so video may be poor, but it looked fine to me. Use wifi analyzer to select a good clean channel.

    I was able to hook it up via USB to my computer and upload all my music and video. Make sure the tablet does not go to standby when you're doing this or bad things can happen. I've also installed a micro SD card and was able to play/copy from it.

    Waiting for my micro hdmi cable so I can test it on my TV. The $3-$4 beats the $30 one you need for the iPad 2.
    I got my micro hdmi cable. My first one got lost in the mail. My second one made it fine. Quality looks excellent. One issue is that it seems to cut out about 1/2" around the edges. In some apps, it just duplicates what is on your screen, in others like BDS player, it goes black and only shows the controls which is nice.
    My issue is about the inconsistent flash performance on large network sites (NBC, CBS, ABC, etc). Sometimes I can get it to work, some never work, some sometimes work. There was a new flash update so time will tell if this improves. Unlike the iPad, there are no apps that can play shows from these places.
    I'm not sure if the GPS and wifi issues are blown out of proportion, if there's user error, if there's a unit to unit variation, or if the later units had a fix, but these 2 features seem to work fine on mine. Instead of focusing on numbers (ie speed/BW), just see if it's able to do the things you want reasonably well compared to similar devices. You don't need a firehose to water a plant or having a supercomputer to write a paper isn't going to get it done any faster. :) Likewise, it's very possible that some of these units are genuinely defective.

    Lastly, a hint to buy it on amazon (at it's intended price and free shipping) is to add it to your cart and just check it religiously. I saw it become available once (Wed morning) and it was gone in 30 mins. I saw it again Fri night and that's where I snagged it. With prime, I got it on Monday.
    ****2-8-2012 update****
    There was an update today but I do not know if the following was due to the update or not.
    I tested my wifi using speedtest.net on my TFP and my wife's IP2. Both had similar wifi results. (make sure you select the same server).

    I also tested the GPS and was able to get a few satellites on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd (top) floor, I got lots of satellites and and was able to lock.

    ****2-14-2012 update****
    Using the device to watch TV. NBC not supported. ABC works decent. History Channel works but a bit laggy. Don't have Netflix.
    ****3-22-2012 update****
    NBC still doesn't work. I think it's because they use Silverlight though I heard they were changing. The APP has little or no content.
    CBS works.
    HULU Plus APP installs but video not supported.
    History Channel more stable now.
    TED APP works, though a bit buggy.

    I though I'd post some tips I learned here.

    If you use google accounts (gmail, calendar, google++, ect.), it's pretty to sync it to the Transformer. Simply d/l the app and login. If you want to sync your bookmarks on your PC to the TFP, it takes a little more work. First, you have to d/l the latest Chrome browser. The you have to enable the syncing to google accounts. Then any bookmarks that you add to Chrome show up in the stock browser after a few minutes. If you are not already using Chrome, you can use Chrome to import your bookmarks from other browsers. After that, they will show up on the TFP.

    If someone sends you an invite from their calendar program (ipad, google calendar) to your gmail account, it appears in your calendar. Makes it easy to sync calendars with other people.

    Sorry if any of this is basic knowledge, but it took me a while to figure out how to do this. I think some of it is new to ICS.
  • jcdrum226 - Very Challenging, InspiringWhat a great read. Platt paints a great picture of how our culture has ruined our values of what is important. Followers of Christ will be persecuted like Jesus was. If you arent being persecuted, are you really living out your faith? I came away from this book wanting to be a better Christian. I would recommend this book if you are looking for the same.
  • Brian Toothman - Great writing too bad some just don't get it!!Strieber was writing great fiction when probably many, including myself, weren't even a gleam in our daddy's eye yet.
    I love this genre and have read all his old novels. In 2012 he flexes his muscles as a writer. I think perhaps he's too subtle and sophisticated for these doltish one star reviewers who have been reading pablum for too long.
    Is it fantastic and does into even venture into "Magic-Realism" like Ray Bradbury? Absolutely!! That's what is so great about Strieber's skill and craft. Not many could pull this off. But like his alter ego personality, Willie Dale, once he's in that writer's trancelike zone, look out. The writing is just short of literary and sometimes poetic.

    Whitley Strieber is another underated less-known great American novelist.
    I saw that he dedicated this novel to the late Robert Anton Wilson. If you don't know who he is, then read him before you tackle this Sci-Fi classic.
    Side note. I loved the sections where the character Wiley is a thinly masked version of Whitley himself. If half of what he and his wife Ann have gone through in facing the personal demons of a genius writer are true, then what a remarkable story of heart-felt love and family bonding.

    Anyway, dismiss the one star reviews here and read a real work of fiction rather than the latest vampire teenage mindless dreg.
  • Scooby Snacks "Sign" - Seeing is beleiving!I did not read this book but I used a similar method about seven years ago to get rid of Bartinella that was from a deer tick, my doctor told me it's a strain of cat scratch fever, and two years of intravenous antibiotics could not kill it back around 2001.
    The bacteria was in my spinal fluid according to my doctor and the molecules of the antibiotics were to large to enter into the spinal fluid to kill it and the doctor gave me a year to live.
    But I figured ozone bonded with water "H2O2" was as small of a molecule as one could find, so I did "hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy" along with the drops in water method. I would like to add that I did extremely higher doses than people are claiming to be in this book. I worked up to 60 drops in eight oz of water every time I drank water thoughout each day While also inhaling it at 6 to 9 pumps per each deep inhale three times in a row every few hours each day for approximately a little over two weeks.
    This my friends, cured my disease!
    "I don't feel that 60 drops in water was a necessary amount to dose but I was just so desperate to be cured, but it did not kill me"
    I found though the water drops method of no great use except for the stomach ulcers.

    It was the inhaling method that could get high enough does directly to the blood stream to completely end Lyme and arthritis.

    There are two dangers that are not talked about anywhere that I have seen and have witnessed and experienced.

    1- if you have ulcers start the water treatment with only one drop three times a day and slowly build the dose to twenty five because the first time my friend did 3 drops and It burned the ulcer in his stomach by killing the ulcer infection, so he backed off to one drop in 8oz three times a day and slowly built it up and in effect the ulcer permanently disappeared.

    2- if you smoke do not inhale till you quit smoking because it cleans your lungs out so well that it dumps nicotine directly into your blood stream and can cause a nicotine overdose and stop your heart.

    the other thing I witnessed this do for my step dad a few years ago was he inhaled it and cured his rheumatoid arthritis. he just didn't like the way it dried out his throat, but you can take a little bit of olive oil before inhaling to help keep this from occurring by coating the throat.

    The inhaling is most effective because it goes straight to the blood like getting an injection of peroxide.

    I have seen and read about how others have quit doing peroxide and other cures because they felt much sicker and thought that it was harming them and so they stopped. but what they failed to know was that in some cases when there are thousands of bacteria dieing all at once that it causes what is called the "die off effect" and the body is dumping out the dead bugs and toxins so they quit treatment and fail to cure themselves. This I find extremely sad!

    My die off lasted 24hrs and I felt like I would die but after recovering from the die off or what is medically called the Herxheimer reaction, I felt like I was reborn and like a teen again, alive with health and energy!

    I could keep on going here to tell many more things I have seen it cure but then this would turn into a book here.

    I hope this helps to encourage people to take it upon themselves to have courage to free themselves from disease.

    Be In It To Win It! and share you experience with success to help get the word out!