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  • TriciaJoh - So comfortable, I could wear for 11+ hours!I actually bought these. While I did it for solidarity with the women of Texas, these shoes are actually really great! They are very comfortable with lots of room in the toes while being snug at the heel (which is so hard to find in women's shoes). I ordered half a size up from my dress shoe size (which is what I normally do with sneakers), and the fit is perfect.
  • T. Turner "TripleT" - Side effects to be expectedI loved them! Of course, these gummies gave me the typical sugar-substitute side effects, but sugar free is all I can eat, and I can't find sugar-free gummies in most stores. These were given to me as a gift, and I was in heaven. Yes, they affected my bowels, but all sugar-substitutes do that and it is to be expected. Eat them in small doses and don't whine about it. In all fairness, they warned you!
  • T-Bone "Tony407" - Fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hard to install.See title, above. Others aren't kidding when they say that the brake pedal is hard to get on. I used a heat gun probably a half dozen times with various prying tools and it took me about 30 minutes of grunting and groaning. They look really, really good and your feet don't slip on them. And they're never coming off!!
  • Trisha - HOW DO I PENS?Being a woman, I find I have difficulty remembering important information for even short periods of time. I can't be expected to recall silly things like presidential election days or how to drive well when I have more important things to do like ironing my husband's shirts! Thanks to BIC Pens for Her, I finally have a way to write down all of the really critical things to remember! I'll never forget how to make a sandwich again. Thanks BIC!