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  • sandy - Great book for kidsHave purchased this book 3 different times now: for 2 visits years apart to Disney World for my kids and once for a friend to share with her grandchildren. I love it, the writing style is so inviting and it provides a wealth of information for the kids. It really got mine pumped up for the visit. I would highly recommend it.
  • Daniel - Rogaine & Propecia combined work wondersI've been using both rogaine and propecia (I know it's expensive) and they work really well together. I was losing my hair 4 years ago and I was stressing about it especially when my brothers and friends would joke about it. But I started to use Rogaine and it work but not as fast as I wanted so I started to use propecia and boy in a matter of 1 year not a single joke from them, they don't know that I started to use it so I know it's working and I can tell myself that my thin bald spot its gone and is back with thick hair. Like a lot of this comments say "Do not give up and lose hope" keep at it and be patient, I would give it a whole year to start to see results, don't go with the 3 or 6 months because you're going to lose hair to start with because it will come back thicker and stronger so do not give up. I've been using it for almost 5 years together and it's fine. The only issue I had with Rogaine is that it raised my high blood pressure but I was using the topical and I switch to the foam and it help a lot.
  • Christopher M. Judge - Worth it. Absolutely worth it.Prior to getting this product, I had constant trouble with viruses and spyware. I literally had to reconfigure my computer every three to six months. Since installing Norton, I have not had a single problem. Norton360 is incredibly easy to use and offers many features that allow you to clean up your computer, beyond mere virus protection. It does slow my computer a little bit, but this is by far better than my computer refusing to start because if viruses. While prior versions of Norton would irritate me in how much it kept "popping up," this product feels balanced in how many times it warns me.

    I absolutely recommend this product.
  • musdent "musdent" - A worthy successorThe latest installment of the somewhat fictionalized but well researched saga of the life of Thomas Cromwell is every bit as good, if not better than its predecessor, Wolf Hall. I am looking forward to what will probably be the final installment of a trilogy. Wonderful period flavor. Of great interest to anybody fascinated by the Tudor era.
  • J. Grimsley "JG" - We've had amazing results from this diet!This has been a lifechanging book for my husband, who has UC. Although it can take months to see results, we saw amazing results from this diet the very first week. We have remained on the diet for more than 6 months now and plan to stay on it permanently. The Specific Carb Diet is not an easy fix, however. To see results, you must remain 100% dedicated to the diet with absolutely no consumption of "illegal" foods. It did require a major change in our eating habits and my cooking habits. But it becomes much easier and just a way of life after a few weeks of adjustment. Thanks to this diet, my husband is medication-free for the first time in years! We are now eating healthier than ever. I strongly recommend this diet to anyone with a digestive disorder.