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  • Cynthia E. Downes "Cindy Downes" - I'm an Office fan now with Office mac 2011I've used Apple products since 1982 when I purchased my first Apple IIe - that includes most software. When I decided to self-publish a book in 2004, I bought Quark. Since then, I've used Quark almost exclusively for word processing. My husband would often ask me why in the world I didn't use Word or some other simple word processing program. My answer: I didn't want to learn another program!

    Then, in 2007, I went back to college. I had to use Powerpoint, so I purchased Office for mac. I also used Word when I had to. But I still started up Quark when I was working on my own projects.

    This week, I got a chance to review Office mac 2011. This update has converted me entirely to Word, unless I need to typeset a document.

    Installation was a breeze - four minutes from start to finish. I first opened Powerpoint. I was glad to see that my purchased themes transferred in beautifully. No problems there. I tried a previous presentation and it worked perfectly.

    The new ribbon menu is awesome. This menu makes it so easy to find what you are looking for. The drop-down menus keep everything neat, but convenient. I can't say enough about the menu bar. 5 Stars!

    Next, I tried adding a movie - it is so easy that I had to find out what Word could do and found that it is just as easy to use as Powerpoint.

    I created a document from a template and then created one of my own with a cute ladybug border. I added images and wrapped text. I added a sound file. And changing margins was a breeze. Simply click one of six choices or creating my own custom margin.

    Maybe the previous version of Office does everything I described here; but, with 2011, it's so much easier to figure out. In only a few minutes, I learned to use more new features than all the features I had learned in the last few years. For me, that makes this update worth the money!
  • TIFFANY R. PAYNE-GRIFFIN - Outstanding!Reading from the perspectives of the characters made this novel shine. Terry McMillan took great care to create believable characters who show us parts of life that we don't discuss enough (Grandparents raising grandkids, how drugs destroy lives, interracial friendships, etc.).
  • Mystery Addict Kathy - Great product with great supportOK - things don't always go as expected and my Christmas Kindle had a glitch on the screen. I contacted Tech Support and they had me Reset a couple of times and it soon became obvious this would not correct it. No problem. They immediately ordered a new one for me and sent me a return label to return the defective one. The new one arrived in 3 days - so they obviously have ways of getting replacements for this high-demand product. Now - how to re-download the books I had already purchased? Tech Support again. And again, great service, no waiting, they did everything for me and couldn't have been nicer. You don't need my review of the product because there are so many here that say the same thing. I love the convenience of having several books available at all times and not having the weight of them in my purse. And for a "book-aholic" who has trouble cleaning out her bookcase periodically, this is a real boon. Needless to say, it was my husband who bought this for me!
  • Fae Sutherland - Great vacuum!We've had this vacuum for about a year now and it's great! It works perfectly, does a great job whisking up cat hair and doesn't take up too much room nor suck up cords and rugs and stuff like that. And emptying it is a breeze, it's great not to have to touch the dirt, just push a button and it falls into the trash without me having to stick my hand in there to yank it out or try and mess with filthy bags poofing it everywhere.

    Definitely worth the money and after a year it's never once broken down and still works like it did just out of the box. Totally satisfied.
  • Clocktower - Prime > IpadI purchased this is a no-nonsense alternative to the Ipad. Anyone who has an android phone will feel right at home with the simple/easy interface. A productivity suite is included with the prime, and the inclusion of a dock essentially transforms it into a slim/light netbook. MP4 videos play nicely on the high-res screen, and the performance couldn't be better (even on games like GTA III, 10th anniversary edition). There are a few more apps for Ipads, but the Prime is poised to topple the king of tablets.