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  • Big D of VA - Never disappointed with the Old Farmer's Almanac!I order a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac each year to keep up on the fun and interesting trivia contained in its pages, to read up on the trends emerging in society as well as in those who farm or garden or just want to be in the know, and of course, to know the weather for the upcoming year, not only for planting and growing with the greatest success, but also for travelling - which I love to do! Get YOUR copy each year and join those who know that this is the greatest book of its kind out there!
  • Mamochka - Wow- couldn't put it downI read this book in two days. I'm so tired of reading formulaic mysteries/thrillers, where I can guess the ending before the author even writes it, but this is not the case with this book! One of the many things that makes "Still Missing" unique is that it is mainly told through the voice of Annie during sessions with her psychiatrist. Annie sees the doctor to try and put her life back together after being abducted and held captive for a year in a cabin in the mountains.. We never meet the psychiatrist; we just hear Annie reciting the horrors of her year as a mountain woman, held prisoner by a man she refers to as "The Freak," being beaten, raped, and otherwise humiliated. Now that Annie has returned to her hometown of Clayton Falls, she still does not feel safe. Is she? Is there something behind her feeling of unease, or is it just a symptom of post-traumatic stress syndrome? Why was Annie abducted? The very unexpected answers to these questions will leave the reader hoping that Chevy Stevens quickly writes another book.