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  • Sergio - You just have to read this book.Well, I'll buy any biography Eggers writes now. I read "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" and found the first two-thirds engrossing. I read "What is the What" and was stunned at Eggers' ability to be the voice of a man from another contintent, culture, and history. Now comes Zeitoun. This reads like a combination memoir and investigative journalism, and both aspects work beautifully. Eggers relays a fascinating story about a period of time in New Orleans that left the whole country stunned. If you want some idea of what was going on down there when the press had no clue, this book will fill you in, and does so in an uncompromizing, unblinking style. You just have to read this.
  • LoveMyBaby - Not disappointed :)After careful review of this one and the other tablet for kids, we chose this one for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. We are not disappointed and my daughter loves it. The graphics and voices are clear. There are so many things to choose from when considering what to download/purchase for this tablet. There's a variety of games, videos, etc for different ages and levels. The stylus is attached with a strap to the tablet, which is a bonus I didn't realize. She is finding it easy to use, with minimal help. It comes with four apps available for download after purchase and hooking it up to the leapfrog website. The fifth one is the choice of the parents and child, my daughter chose a video that helps teach alphabet letters and sounds. It's sturdy (because unfortunately it's already been dropped) and not completely slippery (but it's large for small hands) so I'm looking into buying a gel cover to help with the grip. The camera is fun, front and back, but she is just starting to get the hang of working the angles to take pictures because of the size and placement of the camera (compared to taking pics on my phone which is easier to manipulate). We were able to choose her age level (early preschool) on the tablet and we can change it as she gets older to help with challenging her more. My almost 2 year old is already interested in it lol. I would recommend this product for sure. It's exactly what we were looking for to help my 3 year old start preparing her skills for school and to challenge her current abilities.
  • Anthony Scott - Diablo 3 Spectacular GameplayBlizzard has done a fantastic job on their latest installment of the Diablo series. Not only is the art beautiful, sounds evocative, music inspiring, but the game is sincerely fun to play. The familiar click to kill interface has returned and it's ever so satisfying to see gruesome adversaries exploding in a bloody mess. Blizzard has continued to innovate on commonly accepted tropes such as skill trees and character customization. The skill system allows you to customize your character as the situation calls for it, or merely on a whim to get different game play out of the character. The rune system allows you to modify your abilities even further to allow players to explore many different play styles. Instead of carefully planning out your build before spending precious points, you can freely explore different combinations of skills and runes. I believe the new additions were elegantly placed and the polish on the game is of the highest standards.

    In short the pieces of Diablo 2 that didn't quite work got a huge improvement, and the things that made Diablo awesome are still very much in tact (unless the only feature you liked about Diablo was you could play offline).
  • Scott - Sage ACT! Pro 2011 [Old Version]Ordered this product recently because we were in the need of another copy of ACT! for our company. We had already purchased 2 copies of this about a year ago, and needed one more to be compatible. This did it. The product is solid, When you install this along with the 32 bit version of MS Office. the two products work flawlessly with one another. If you are in the market for ACT!, and you dont want to fork out the cost for the absolute brand new version. The previous version will work just as well.
  • K. Forrest "mre13" - A Welcome "Home""At Home in Mitford", the first in the Mitford series, is a novel that will sincerely touch your soul, as you follow the life of Father Tim, as he learns that life, indeed, can begin after 60. Surrounded by a parish, and a town, of loving and lovable characters, Father Tim meets love in the form of author Cynthia, adopts a lost boy (Dooley) and a God-fearing behemoth of a dog named Barnabas. This is one of the few books in my life which has made me laugh out loud, cry, and rejoice that there are indeed still authors who truly deserve the title of artist. Ms. Karon is that deserving person.