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  • Struggle Self-Employed - Big relieve for tax anxietyI am self-employed, providing IT consulting service to a utility company. I work from home and could find very little expense can be deducted from my revenue. As you can imagine, developing a software takes very little cost other than my time and effort. Without good tax knowledge, I was very nervous about being audited and afraid to deduct any expenses that are not directly related to my business. As a result, self-employment tax together with income tax could steal almost 30% of my total revenue (not taxable income)

    This book is a big reliever for me. It gets me better understanding on what part of my daily life can be deducted if I also conduct a business at the same time. It gives me a lot of ideas how to spend my money and favor my tax cut. It also gives me better ideas how IRS operates and how likely I will be audited and pass the audit. By reading first couple chapters, I can save a lot of money on tax and feel a lot more relieved than before.

    I like the suggestion in this book to be "aggressive in tax deduction". Thank you!
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