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  • Lauren Dane - I'll Never Go Back To Liquid FoundationI'd been meaning to try this product for a few years but raves from a friend finally convinced me and I'm so glad I did.

    It took me two tries to figure out how to get the right application and amount and I always put it on after a good foundation of moisturizer (the same with any foundation I'd use) but this product is several things my other foundations have never been.

    1. Easy to use
    2. Quick to apply
    3. Lightweight but with excellent coverage
    4. Contains SPF that does not make me break out
    5. Does not cause dry skin or flaking of the produce
    6. Is long lasting

    In short, this stuff is amazing and I'll never go back to what I used before.

    I've got really sensitive skin so I didn't know if this would work but I took a chance and it's amazingly non irritating. A little goes a long way and it gives my skin a nice glow without looking caked on, powdery or orangey.

    You might want to see what tone works best for you if you've got a sephora store near you and it should take a time or two to get the hang of application but I'm totally sold. (oh a tip? I tuck it into a ziplock baggie when I fly with it. It hasn't spilled but when it opens after a trip in the belly of a plane it's a bit messy)
  • Jeff - Convenient way to benefit from probioticSept 2012 - I used to eat Activia every morning to keep away gastro discomfort. It worked well, but I just got tired of eating it and it wasn't a solution that worked when I was travelling on biz. I tried a 30 day bottle from a local drug store, it worked at least as well as the yogurt, if not better. Buying online now at a much better price.

    Update Aug 2013 - been taking these for over a year now. They really do help level out my system. Cheap and easy step towards good gastro health.
  • CuteEverything - Great for the environment and fun!When I was a kid, the ultimate luxury item that I *needed* my home to have was my own soda fountain. And now, the SodaStream gives everyone the opportunity to have their own personal soda fountain! And it's really simple to operate (it takes less than a minute) to make your own, fresher tasting, healthier sodas, flavored waters, and sparkling drinks of more kinds than you knew were ever possible.

    Plus, there is no waste -- none of those non-degradable 2-liter bottles to carry home, which often (at least for me) tear open the grocery bag, fall on the ground, get explosively fizzy, and then stay for the next 1,000 years in your local landfill. The SodaStream is also very cost effective. One can-worth of freshly made soda -- available in dozens of flavors, from the best cola you've every had (no joke) to incredibly good pear and black currant that I am drinking right now -- costs 25 each.

    The unit itself looks sleek and modern, doesn't take up much space at all, and there's no electricity or batteries, so you can use it for your annual summer events, where it would be the hit of the party, offering fun custom sodas, flavored waters, or sparkling juices. I love the Sparkling Naturals, which come in flavors like Apple Mango, Pink Grapefruit and Root Beer and have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. They have diet versions, too, just like on your grocers' shelves, but these taste fresh and delicious, with rich, full flavors.
  • Chicago Book Addict - Excellent resource for aspiring womenIt's hard not to notice the disconnect - women are outperforming men in the classroom, yet this isn't translating into equal representation in the top tiers of business. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead is all about exploring why women are underrepresented in these positions and what they can do to increase their chances of getting there. It's also one of the best books about career development I've read since Basic Black: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life), and I've read quite a few books on professional development. I found it to be very well written and a fast read because I found the content interesting and highly relevant.

    Obviously there were quite a few things I liked about this book.

    First, I liked that focused on tangible things women can be doing to make sure their achievements line up with their ambition. This isn't to say that there aren't systematic reasons more women aren't making it to the C-Suite, there are likely those too and they are acknowledged in the book. But our own personal behavior is often a lot easier to adjust, especially to increase success in the short term. I especially appreciated that it covered both things inside and outside of the office. I think a lot of books recognize the mistakes women sometimes, unconsciously, make at work that get in the way of furthering their careers. But often books ignore the fact that our personal lives also can impact what we are able to achieve in positive and negative ways. In particular there was a chapter called 'Make Your Partner a Real Partner' that struck such a cord that I shared it with my boyfriend. It served as great springboard for us to talk about how our relationships can impact our career and what we both hope for in that department.

    I liked that a lot of the content covered here felt new (at least to me) and wasn't redundant from chapter to chapter. Sure there were some concepts I had read about in other books, but this book also brought to light a lot of less than helpful behaviors that I am 100% guilty of, and hadn't been aware I was doing. While reading this, there were many lightbulb moments.

    I also liked that the book blended the author's personal experience (which is an interesting read in and of itself) with statistics and quotes from other business men and women. It was successful in making the book feel personal, while still giving bigness to the ideas expressed.

    Overall I thought this was a fantastic book and gave me some concrete guidance about how to further my career.