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  • Robert Mabry "livinginSA" - The Perfect Compliment to my Portable Outdoor TheaterThe TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless speaker was my second attempt at providing "decent" sound for my outdoor movie theater after the Beacon Audio BCN-PHX01 Phoenix Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Neon Green) failed miserably. No knock against that product as it performs exceptionally as a super-portable bluetooth music speaker for under $50. However, as a portable cinema sound system it didn't make the cut.

    Part of the problem is that my 3M Streaming Projector is a weak audio source...however, the TDK does an admirable job of providing solid theater sound despite the underpowered amplification. It's bass is particularly impressive and chest-rattling. I take advantage of the direct AUX input as the bluetooth capability results in a lip sync issue I just don't think is avoidable when streaming video and audio. Definitely not an issue for music though and the TDK A33 absolutely thumps. There are plenty of audiophiles who can better describe the sonic superiority of this system...I will just say that when the tunes are cranked in my backyard I have to wonder if the po-po are going to show. It's good stuff.
  • Cooper5599 - Essential Life saving Infomration Everyone NeedsThe title to this book will immediately put the average person on his or her guard. As the old saying goes, "If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!" So I did not buy this book at first. However, it kept nagging me so I went on the Internet searching for more information about the author and found tons of information that put my jaw on the floor! It wasn't untill I used the search term "H2O2" that I found real authoritative information. The search term offered a link to Dr. David Williams which I clicked on and was taken to an all familiar website. Dr. Williams turned out to be the author of the medical news letter, "Alternatives" that I subscribe to. I trust him and his information completely. He had nothing but good things to say about 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Although he recommed its use for skin problems, it was obvious there were more benefits to this type of treatment. Needless to say I bought this book and read it in about an hour. The book said that Dr David Williams had written a 4200 word article on H2O2 recommended in the book. I set out to find that article and found it. In the article Dr. Williams verified almost everything in this book.

    In my opinion this book needs to be read by every human being on this planet. The incredible statements made in this book are supported by Dr. Williams and every place I searched on the Internet. H202 has been used in Europe for years but was banned from the US by the drug manufactures, the FDA, and the government. Trillion dollar corporation will like fall to nothing if this information gets used. The information has been publicly discredited and those who know about it are too skeptical to even consider the treatment. Don't be fooled get this book and research it for yourself!

    I highly recommend this book to any and everyone. Get it now!
  • M. Nix - "Rush gives the reader tons of passionate angst and hot sex and it gives us an ultra-satisfying ending"Gabe Hamilton can't hold in his attraction to his best friend and business partners little sister anymore. He knows there are too many years between them but until he gets his need for her out of his system he is not going to be able to go on. Gabe has decided to take action and take Mia to his bed.

    Mia Crestwell has been in love with Gabe since she was a teenager. She never dreamed he would give her the time of day but when she spots him at his hotel grand opening she sees him in a new light, and it's obvious he's seeing her in one as well. When Gabe offers her an outrageous proposition Mia may be shocked but she is unable to deny the excitement that bubbles within her at the chance to be Gabe Hamilton's woman. even if it's only temporary.

    While Gabe and Mia go into this thinking of it as temporary what will happen when feelings begin to go deeper and they start thinking in the long term? Can Mia fit into Gabe's kinky lifestyle and can Gabe be a forever type of guy? What will happen when the world discovers their secret; more importantly what will Mia's brother and Gabe's best friend have to say about it? Will they survive the odds stacked against them?

    Maya Banks Rush is packed with explosive passion and scandalous sex that will leave the reader breathless! Gabe and Mia absolutely pour out their souls in Rush. I thoroughly enjoyed this book but it bothered me a little bit at how much it is like other erotic books that I have read lately. I think the trend of the hot dominant New York man and the tough but submissive female is going strong because of the erotic novels surge in popularity right now. There is nothing wrong with it but I think the elements in these types of stories need to mix it up a little.

    One thing that excites me about Rush is the fact that the story wraps up in one book. Rush gives the reader tons of passionate angst and hot sex and it gives us an ultra-satisfying ending. I must say Ms. Banks gives her reader one top-notch ending in Rush, it's definitely goosebump worthy. Another thing that stands out about Rush are the other men in the story. Mia's brother, Jace and his and Gabe's other best friend, Ash, make a good impression on this reader and makes me very excited to see what happens next in Fever, book two in the Breathless Trilogy.

    Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed
  • JoshM - A comprehensive, non-fiction insight into the current understanding of an elusive hominid living right under our noses.The first half of this book is a previously released book by Noel called "Inpossible Visits", which is a paramount read for anyone interested in the reality of this species' elusive behavior. Without giving away some the jaw-dropping details of encounters by the contributors and the author himself, Noel's compilation of testimonies include "backyard" visits from Texas to Vermont. This is the very best of accounts by regular folks having repeated encounters by not just a single Sasquatch, but families of them. The author also gives the latest analysis of some of the most compelling evidence of the species existence, including the current state of DNA analysis that may be the key to world-wide acceptance of this unclassified species. Further, Mr. Noel introduces the reader to a step-by-step process for conducting your own research from his own prolific experience in the field. Much of this experience comes from countless nights spent alone in the forest, as well as expeditions he attended and organized with the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) over many years. Overall, this is a wonderful read by a highly talented and skilled writer who has probed deeper into Sasquatch ethology than anyone in the field. If you have any interest in the real story behind one of science's most elusive subjects, read this book!