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  • William W. Smith - Great for small bookshelf speakersI use this sub with a pair of psb Alpha powered speakers which have a tap for a subwoofer. I liked the small speakers but they were definitely lacking in bass.

    I don't need huge thumping bass, so I skipped the 12-inch version of this speaker. With a simple connection (long wire with RCA plugs at each end), I was up and running in no time. Bass sounds firm and present even at low volumes, which is great because most bookshelf speakers have no bass at all when driven at low volume.

    If your needs are modest but you need more bass, I can highly recommend this subwoofer.
  • BioHazard - Ipad RocksI always used Android tablets for both work and personal, but just switched to the IPad mini . This was one of the best choice of my life. It was one of the most easiest tablets to learn by far and has everything I needed for both work and personal. I would recommend this to everyone for everything from personal, school and work.
  • Raymar - A Brilliant Book for the Leaders of TodayJoshua Dubois brilliantly weaves in cultural icons, such as Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, and John Wooden. These cultural icons help to underscore a deeper and more profound biblical reference and closing prayer. The use of these cultural icons also proves that faith and spirituality transcend all facets of our society. The President's Devotional is truly a universal guide to combating the daily challenges of life.
  • apoem "apoem" - We LOVE it.This is a super fun, super easy, super neat gadget. I'm the person who buys all those gadgets you see for the kitchen. Some of them are not so great. This one is a keeper.

    You can use regular tap water, fill the special little bottle, hit the top button three or four times and add some yummy flavoring and you have soda.

    First the negatives:
    1. You will eventually have to turn in/trade in/ship in your old bottle of gas. This is getting easier now that they have changed the way they do things and more places carry the sodastream. But yup, you will have to do something about that pesky bottle.

    2. You can only use their provided bottle. It would have been nice to have been able to use the coke bottles you already have on hand. However, you can't. We bought one machine and it came with one bottle and so far, for our family of five- it's been fine. Sometimes we make two batches because we fill up three glasses and need more soda, but it's so super easy to make- who cares.

    Now some thoughts:
    This is super easy and super simple and super fun. My 8 year old can make soda.

    It is much healthier. We used splenda sugar and made our own simple syrups with key limes, lemons, and some other spices and tadaa- our own personal drink. We made ginger ale syrup using some lemons, splenda and a dash of ginger grated up. We have used strawberries that were about to go bad and lemons and made a fizzy strawberry lemonade. Once you start exploring the world of simple syrups- the world opens up with this machine.

    It is better for the environment. Less bottles.

    You can control the fizz, the water you use, the flavoring and how much of flavoring you use.

    Completely worth the money.