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  • acaratrainabus "T" - A great value.I read this book prior to my recent trip to Ireland. It is an awesome travel guide. Accurate, up-to-date, invaluable. His ratings of tourist destinations matched my perception of the same sights. The tips about money, people, communication, and transportation seemed to be spot on. The restaurants he recommended were great too. I wouldn't have had the quality experience of Ireland I did without the book. Don't hesitate, just buy it, use it, then pass it along to a friend who is visiting Ireland too.
  • terence white - Paradigm Shift.....We've been lied too!Something good happens to me when i take this. I find it shocking that some powder in a jar could fullfill me more than real food. What does that say about the food I've been eating.I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but I can say that I am starting to feel a discernment of what energy and vitality can be gained from eating food, or drinking it for that matter, with rich nutrients and enzymes.

    I feel bad, when all I want to eat/drink is this meal. Like something in the back my mind tells me....I should be eating real food, or juicing my veggetables to drink, or fruit smoothies. But I never get that same satiated feel, than from this. Which makes me think, they are putting something extra in the powder, like some kind of feel good drug or something.

    The taste is horrid. But because I've come to like the after effect so much, the taste now seems slighlty enjoyable. And this is with straight water, no chaser. I'm not saying it's good or anything, but it's like the Pavlov's dog experiment, the taste is only the stimuli which indicates that I am going to feel this pleasurable sense of clarity, focus, energy, vitality, and balance that comes afterwards.

    I'm already ordering my next one. Which is why is what lead me to do this review. It's good to know I am not the only one who feels the pleasurable effects from using this. Eating or fueling my body, is primarlily now to achieve increased levels of energy and optimum clarity and mental agility, rather than fleeting sensational pleasures derived from my taste buds. I'm feeding the body, not the tongue.
  • Within The Coil - One of the most obscure but by far my favoriteThe biggest issue I have with Animals is that it is not longer. It is a short album and I wanted more. Not as melodic as Wish You Were Here and Dark Side but the beginning of the more angry side of Waters lyrics. Dogs is a favorite track of mine as well as Pigs. The songs are longer which is nice. A very cool album. Turn out the lights and listen loud.
  • J. Darrel Gower - Mathmatically speaking - Tuscan whole milk is a stealI'm a rocket surgeon so you'd expect me to be a bit smarter than a monkey's uncle. That being said, I'm always aware that a bird in the bush saves nine.

    So when I bought this Tuscan Whole milk, I noticed something that stuck out like a green thumb - If 2% is $3.99 a gallon, why isn't WHOLE (or in brain scientist parlayence: 100%) something more like $199.50. Cause it's the best deal since a dime a dozen, that's why!

    I don't have to be no early bird to make hay while Jimmy cracks corn! I don't freakin' care! I mean she'll still be comin' round the mountain when we whisper words of wisdom - Let it be a little silloetto of a man - scaramooch, scaramooch - the roof is on fire let the mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?

    Damn CD changer's screwed again.

    Tuscan, buy it cause it's white like me.