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City: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

  • J. Hosken - A little pricey, but worth itReturned the Joovy Scooter Single Stroller Black after only a few months. The steering on that was horrible and it was very hard to push one handed.

    The Britax B-Agile is everything we wanted in a stroller. It has an even smaller footprint than the Joovy; both when folded and not. It is very lightweight, I can lift my 14 month old son, his diaper bag, and the stroller with two hands easily into our truck or SUV. The steering is top notch, and has handled any terrain we have been through on it. We have a Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy attached to the back providing spots for keys, phones, and drinks. It fits well and provides great storage. We also ordered the Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray, and it is large and well made. It comes on/off very easily, and can be left attached when folded. The canopy is large and works well. The folding mechanism is the best that i've seen- and we're on stroller #3 trying to find the right one!

    Things to be aware of:

    The handles are not adjustable. My wife is 5'3" and it fits her perfectly. I am 6'1" and its also pretty comfortable to use. With past strollers my feet would kick the bottom of the stroller when walking because of the handle height I had to hold it close to me. The B-Agile doesnt have anything in the middle bottom of the stroller, so I can walk comfortably and I dont kick the stroller. the handles are more comfortable than those of the Joovy Scooter.

    The seat recline is very similar in function to the Joovy. It works pretty well, I did manage to bind up the straps one time by pulling on it too hard- but havent done that since. I dont think the seat sits upright or back as far as past strollers we've had- although its not that big of a deal to us. Our son is comfortable in both positions it seems.

    The basket is tiny. On previous strollers we would stow his diaper bag underneath in the basket. With this stroller the basket is physically too small to accomplish this, so we use the straps and suspend it from the handle (our diaper bag as really easy way to do this). It does make the stroller a little top/back heavy, but it will stand up fine on level ground. With our son in it, it isnt an issue at all- but empty attaching the diaper bag in this way does make it a little prone to tipping backwards.

    The basket is also primarily accessed through the sides, so its very easy to get in/out while the seat is reclined. We have stored mostly shopping bags from the mall while shopping down there.

    Final Notes:

    I wish it came in more colors. We were worried about the temperature of the black fabric in direct sunlight. so far it hasnt been an issue.

    Comes with attachment for Britax infant carseats, or the adapter is available for purchase to put in other brands of infant car seats. We used a Graco SnugRide carseat when our son was young (before we owned this stroller), and the frame type stroller that accepts any carseat is cheaper than the Britax adapter...something to keep in mind.

    We've had this over a month now and we love it. We never looked at Britax stollers before because of the in-store price, but this is definitely worth the money. We also have the Britax Boulevard CS carseats in our cars and love those as well! They cant be beat!
  • C. Miller "IdoNotes" - Must have software for anyone. Any age is never too soonEveryone puts off the creation of a will till late in life, overlooking all of the possibilities with estate, medical care, living trusts and carrying out of your wishes. It is never too early to put together all the documents and with Willmaker Plus everything is done in a simple interview fashion. You then save and print the documents, have them notorized (or whatever your state requires and the software tells you) and place them somewhere secure.

    To start the process I recommend planning an evening and having every piece of documentation you think you will need handy. Insurance information, banking, mortgage, doctors and even pet information. Also have detailed information on who you will be choosing as an agent or manager for your health, estate, finances and if needed guardianship. With all of this in hand the built in interview wizards make compiling your documents simple.

    Once you fill out information on a person, you can select them again in other documents using a built in address book feature it builds. This saves you from typing information over. You can also link documents together saying you have done a living trust saving even more steps.

    The online reference from NOLO is a resource for anyone at anytime. The even include a great handbook inside the box. At first I thought it was a large user guide until I realized the software doesn't need one!

    BONUS: for todays world the amount of information you store online is incredible. Willmaker Plus 2013 includes an entire interview section about social accounts, passwords, website,s blogs and anything else you can imagine. This gives your family and friends peace of mind they can update, delete or archive off anything you desire in your final papers. Just fill in the proper fields and it is stored.

    Just remember anytime you eve make a change, just go back and redo that document, print and have it signed. You are all set! Great software for everyone to invest in.
  • BestInTheWorld730 - MUST HAVE FOR ANY WRESTLING FANThe title of my review says it all... if you are a wrestling fan, BUY WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2011!!! You won't regret it. When I saw that Amazon was selling it I didn't second guess myself. I flat out one-click bought this WWE DVD. 5 days later, I received it. Of course the best match on the card was the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena(c). It was great to see CM Punk defeat John Cena in front of his home crowd. BEST CROWD EVER IN THE PG ERA! So if you are reading this review, as well as the others, and haven't bought this DVD, just slap yourself already. You don't need to read the reviews to know that this PPV kicked ass.

    Out of 5 stars, I give this PPV a 5. Best PPV the WWE has put out in a LONG time.