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  • Kimberly Jo Hughes - Hunting EveEnjoyed the book but NO FAIR, and yes I really did yell, leaving us hanging like that at the end. I was so intent on reading that the end of the book snuck up on me. My exclamation of "WHAT!?!" Started my dogs barking. I have half a mind(never mind) to not even read the next book out of sheer spite. Then again, I would only be spiting myself. GGGRRRR!
  • Robert Heylmun - Sneaky WriterFor quite a while now, I'd been wondering why the women characters in my novels seemed much flatter and less engaging than my male ones. I chalked this problem up to my batting for the other team, but then I discovered Bic Cristal for Her Pens! Saw them in the drug store and had a sympathetic woman buy them for me (paid her an extra five to hand them to me outside). Well, I went right home and rewrote a passage of my latest novel that had a woman in it, and the character seemed to pop right off the page. Now I plan to go back on my own and boldly buy another set, just in case another woman wades into my prose. Congratulations BIC! Are there any plans to make BIC Rainbows for uh... US? I could use the help here, too.
  • Jennifer J Thomassian - An Ergo Meets a Bjorn!We bought the Cybex after hearing good things about it from a fellow mom of 3. Our now 7 month old loves facing out and seeing the world which is hard to do in the Ergo but easy in the Cybex. Similar to the Ergo, the carrier uses a waist strap to hold most of the baby's weight instead of the shoulders which makes is much easier on my body to use than the bjorn. You can also face the baby in just like the Ergo. We still love our ergo and use it also but the Cybex is in heavy rotation.
  • kayjay - Wish I read this book soonerAt 53 years young, and back on the dating scene, this book is helping me gain insight into the dating experience. And even though I've made some mistakes in the current relationship, I will immediately work to turn things around and if its too late, I will be better prepared for the next one...Thank you Kara!
  • Richard Tamasy aka Traumarat57EMT - GEATEST WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND FACTSI purchase this book every year because there hasn't been a day where I have not looked up a reference, whether it is events of the past year a celebrity birthday, trivial information about a country, state or a quick reference to world and U.S. history, it only takes opening this book, and you have your answer. This is a great resource for children studying in school (should be a must have)or if you like to play trivial pursuit,(they should have a World Almanac version whether computer or board game)this book should should be essential in every household, office,or library just as the dictionary, and the encyclopedia is. This book is among the GREATEST WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE you can have