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  • DanDaMan - Another Coulter ClassicAnn Coulter delivers again sending communist/socialists/democrats scurrying. This book hits the bullseye concerning the lefts manipulation of minorities especially blacks. Expanding on her other book titles such as Treason, Godless, Demonic, Guilty and Slander this book is an excellent and necessary addition to your conservative library.
  • Deborah "threadbee" - Kindle version 2013 Children's Writer's & Illustrator'sI have bought previous paperback versions of this book. This time I got it for my tablet on the kindle app to be green so it takes up less space. I am actually reading more of the content this way, and love being able to bookmark it in the kindle version. Great alternative to the paperback
  • Adrienne Wallace - This book was much cheaper than the college bookstore!I was really happy to find this book online for less. My class went through the entire book in less than a month. I don't like buying books from the campus bookstore anymore since most of them can't be sold back because they're no longer using it anymore and have upgraded to a newer version by the time the semester is over. Great deal, great find!
  • Louis (Louie) Winslow - Son of Man DepictionThe reason that I like this book is because Reza Aslan relies on factual data of the times as described in secular history. He describes the life of Christ in these terms. He makes a good case for depicting Christ as the son of man rather than the son of God. He discounts the virgin birth and his visit to the Temple at the age of twelve to discuss religious matters with the priests and scribes. What he emphasizes is that Christ was a simple Galilean, a carpenter who none the less attracted a large following and inspired the formation of a new religion. While most messiahs of the time have long been forgotten Christ was not. Aslan states that something miraculous occurred that made Christ's message and life resonate through the ages. I believe that the miraculous event was Christ's resurrection, something the Aslan doesn't state but implies.
  • DonnaD - Perfect for my puppy!Tagg saved my puppy! He usually stays inside but before I bought my Tagg he escaped and by some miracle was found 3 weeks later. He had about half of his weight and the hospital expenses were WAYYY more expensive than the Tagg itself. Then a week later he got out again! This time it only took me 15 minutes to track him down. I very highly recommend this product-it's worth every penny!