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  • shinergirl - Silk for Seduction is FabulousI absolutely loved this book and I can't believe I am saying this but this book actually made me cry in some of the scenes. I love strong female leads, especially in Regency England and this story has it with Marchelline Noirot. The Duke is equally suited and deliciously described and apparently they have met their match in the wonderful romance. The descriptions of the dresses Madame Noirot designs as the "best modiste in all of England" are mouth watering and so easy to visualize, you can't help but picture them. Lord of Scoundrels is one of my all time favorite books period and Loretta Chase has done it again with Silk for Seduction.
  • Mary "Mary" - This book changed my life!Guided by the book, I started the SCD diet in June 2007 (9 months ago). At the time I was on Remicade and had had a bowel resection for my Crohn's disease. I have suffered for over 20 years with the disease and my doctor said I would be on Remicade for the rest of my life. After being on the diet for only 3 months, my insurance changed so drastically that I could not afford the Remicade. With great trepidation, I took myself off of it. I have now been off of Remicade for 6 months. While I am still healing, my life is so very different than it was a year ago. I never miss work, I have no pain, I no longer need to plan my life around trips to the restroom. I credit the book, God, and the diet for my miraculous healing. The diet is very difficult and I really did not think I had the will power to tackle it. I am so glad that God gave me the strength. Although the SCD diet is quite restrictive, it is not as restrictive as inflammatory bowel disease!
  • Gigis Kahn - Samsung SEK-100/ZA 2013 Evolution KitWhat a great device. After installing it and down loading the new firmware,I was pleased to see the difference it made. Like having a new television. I don't think that there isn't much that the tv won't do now.

    Very happy with the device and would encourage anyone to obtain one as soon as they can. Check out Amazon and order from Tiger Direct.

    C Gregory
  • LouSampson - The best lifestyle modification book ever!This is one terrific book. Common sense, no nonsense approach to clean eating & repairing the damage we and our processed foods way of life in this country have imposed on our poor bodies. I feel and look fantastic. In just four weeks I did what I set out to do, lose my unsightly and unwelcome post menopausal fat. In just four weeks I lost 5-1/2 inches on my waist, 2 inches on my hips and 2-1/2 inches on my thighs. I am now about eight weeks in and do not follow the plan for dinner everyday, but I have stuck with breakfast, lunch and snacks because they are delicious. I do need to go shopping soon as none of my old clothes fit right anymore. They're just too darned big.
  • Tracze - Very uplifting, you won't be able to put it down!This book is zoo engaging! Elizabeth Smart literally brings you along while she was kidnapped and held hostage. This book is very uplifting. It changes you a little and it's a good change. I thank Ma. Smart for writing this book and allowing us to be with her every moment. You won't be able to put it down!