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  • Bacchus - Incredible Phone!Where to start? There are just so many good things about this phone and the Windows Phone 8 OS that it is tough to know where to start. I suppose I should start out by stating that I am somewhat of a Windows "fanboy" for lack of a better word. I am all in when it comes to Microsoft products owning the Xbox 360, Surface RT tablet, Windows 8 Pro laptop and of course Windows Phone. That being said I do try to rate products fairly but I wanted you the reader to know that there may be some bias in my review.

    I have owned several Windows Phones over the past few years. The Samsung Focus, Focus 2, HTC Titan, Lumia 900 and now the Lumia 920. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the phones but the 920 certainly stands out as to what I feel is finally a true competitor to the Iphones and Samsungs of the world.

    This phone has some serious specs and can hold its own against its rivals when it comes to pure processing power. Everything is super smooth on this phone. Apps launch quickly, the internet is super speedy thanks to the LTE and the camera snaps pic after pic without a stutter. I finally feel that my phone isn't preventing me from doing anything that I want to do with it. I am very impressed with the power and speed of the 920.

    SCREEN: The screen is just gorgeous. It has a super high resolution which makes everything look soooo good. Text is easy to read and pictures just come to life (corny but true!) The screen also has a super sensitive mode where you can actually wear winter gloves and still control the phone as normal. It is pretty amazing the first time I tried this. You can also shut this off so you have complete control as to whether to use it or not.

    CAMERA: If you like to take pictures with your phone then this really is the phone for you. Nokia has done some amazing things with their camera technology here. The image stabilization for photos and videos is second to none. I have pretty shaky hands but all my pics and vids come out super smooth with this phone. The night time is where the camera tech really shines. Whether you are indoors or outdoors with poor to almost no light this camera still takes really bright and clear pics! It really is a must have feature if you like to take pics. The camera on this phone has replaced my need for a separate point and shoot camera. No joke. It is that good. If I were to critique the camera in any way it would be to say that the pics sometimes come out a little "soft" when taking pics during the day. Nokia has already stated that they plan a soon to be released update that allows for sharper pics so that negative could very well vanish in the near future.

    SOUND: I have never really been impressed with the sound quality of any phone I have ever had as far as playing music through the speakers without headphones. It is no different for me with the 920. The stereo speakers are ok but I wouldn't recommend listening to music without headphones. Once you do hook up your favorite pair of headphones the sound is much improved. Nokia uses Dolby Headphone technology and the sound the phone produces while using earbuds is impressive. The volume isn't the loudest but definitely loud enough to easily block out any outside noises. Also, no earbuds come with the phone.

    CALL QUALITY: So far I have no complaints with the call quality. When I ask people how I sound they say everything sounds good. I can also hear them easily and clearly through the earpiece. I am not a huge phone user on my phone (doh!) but so far I have had a very pleasant experience on calls.

    BATTERY LIFE: So far I am getting better than expected battery life. I thought with LTE I would be burning through a charge in 4 or 5 hours but so far I am easily making it through an entire work day with moderate use. I can take the phone off the charger at 5:30 AM and when I go to bed at around 10 or 11 at night I still have about 15-25 percent left. To me that is more than adequate. The battery does seem to get a bit warm when playing games or really pushing the LTE but I think that is pretty normal for these powerful phones.

    WIRELESS CHARGING: I purchased my 920 through an ATT store which was running a promotion for a free wireless charger. The 920 has that ability built right into the phone! It is pretty darn useful too. I keep the charging plate right on my nightstand and when I am done reading in bed I just place it on the pad and it starts to charge. No need to fumble with cords.

    BUILD QUALITY: This is one SOLID phone. I don't plan on dropping it but I would have to say that I would worry more about what I drop this on then the phone itself. This actually leads to what may be a downside for some people. The phone, compared to other phones, is a little heavier. I don't find it to be an issue and in fact like the strong feel of the phone but go to the store and check it out because some have noted that it bothered them.
    APPS: The Lumia 920 comes with Nokia Drive which is a really nice navigation app that easily compares to the paid version out there. I have used it a bunch of times and it has worked flawlessly every time. You also get a Microsoft Office suite which includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel and One Note. While I don't see myself creating complex spreadsheets on a phone it certainly is nice to be able to open and edit if I need to.

    OK, it looks like I rambled on way too long. I hope you found some useful info in my review. If you have any specific questions you want answers to just leave a comment and I will try to answer them all.
  • Amanda Lee - This works!I have never used any protection with my husband in the 9 years I have been with him, Im 26 and figured I couldn't get pregnant. I decided to try this before I go to the doctors and see what they could do for me. I had no idea this would work so fast! I only took this for 2 months then BAM I was pregnant! The pregnancy went great and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl! She is now a year old and I havent gotten pregnant again so I think im gonna order me some more. I had given the rest of my bottle to my neighbor that was trying to get pregnant and 3 months later she was pregnant.
  • DJdoze - great albumIf your reading this review then you are prob alread a Armin fan. So just complete your collection because this is a good album to get started. I like Amazon downloads in how they allow you to get the mixed album instead of the individual unmixed tracks and then the long mixed album with no cuts (Itunes).