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  • Bola Ogun - Ladies Learn to Lasso Love!!!Lol, now I know my title's a little corny but that's how I feel about this book. I'd already read "He's Just That Into You" which I like as well but it left me (like a lot of ladies) feeling helpless, as if there's absolutely NOTHING you could do to get the love life you wanted. And I don't know about you but as someone who likes to take charge and do what needs to be done to get what you want, that message was frustrating. Thus I've been in the EXACT same position in relationships since then!!! After all the guys that WERE coming up to me I wasn't into and the ones I wanted never asked me out!
    Cut to this book, I was reluctant to spent more money on another dating book but I'm really glad I decided to pick it up because now I have the ability to approach guys without looking desperate or pushy. But what's great about this book is that these technics need not only apply to men OR romantic pursuits. They can be use to enrich your social and professional life. Much like the former book I'd mentioned a lot of the advice is about making yourself happy and leading the life you WANT to lead in order to attract the other half you'd like to attract.
    I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my dating life and this book has made me very optimistic :-)
  • L. Romer - Highly recommended book.Not only do I recommend that you read this book, but I recommend you buy a second copy for your doctor. I went thru multiple gynos over a three year period and most of them told me I was imagining or over-exagerrating my symptoms. One doctor even tried to remove my cervix as his cure. Once I found a doctor that has read this book and believed it; she tested me and a few months later I was cured. Yeast overgrowth is way more than what you think, and it can cause many illnesses that you wouldn't imagine it could case. Also check out the website from this doctor:
  • Kathleen - I feel great!This book has had a big impact on me, and I never even had back pain! I've been interested in posture since I was a teen, and I'm now in my early 50s. I took a posture class once, have read several books on posture, and have asked several different personal trainers about posture. The information I got from all of these sources was that standing up straight meant pulling your belly button back to be as close as possible to your spine. It meant what Esther Gokhale would call "a tucked pelvis." I read her book because of an on line search for posture on Amazon. Because the information in the book was so thoroughly researched and because the author showed examples of children and those in underdeveloped countries holding themselves the way she recommended, I decided to try carrying myself the way she recommended. It's hard to describe the impact on me. I feel so much better! One example she gives for posture is to observe how a dog carries itself when happy and energetic vs. how a dog carries itself when being asked, "Did you do that?" A dog arches its back and puts its tail down when it is unhappy and carries itself with a straight back when happy. After following the recommendations in Gokhale's book, I appreciate that I just plain feel more confident and energetic carrying myself this way. It was not easy at first. In fact, I had a lot of trouble with adjusting my sleep posture. I used to curl in an almost fetal position with my right arm forward and my shoulder curved forward the way teens slouch. I used to have intermittent shoulder pain and sometimes, in the morning, numbness in my arm all the way to my fingers. No more. I now lie down and deliberately roll my arm back. Last year, I worked as a contractor for a small company in which there were lots of people who had back pain and one who had just gone through back surgery. No wonder: the company had invested a lot of money in chairs that were very obviously expensive and had all sorts of curves. I ended up thinking of my chair as a "torture chair" and eventually switched my chair with a conference room chair. The problem with adjusting to the Gokhale Method of posture is that the chairs we use today and especially the seats in a car promote posture which is not what is recommended in the Gokhale Method. I've gone to garage sales to buy straight-back chairs and bought a Stretchsit (from Gokhale) to reduce the curve in the seat of my van. The benefit of my effort is that I feel great!
  • A. Steinke "bibliophile" - Best tax software everDon't let the claims form the other products fool you.

    The base of this product came from Kiplinger's tax cut, a well known and extremely trusted financial adviser.

    Yes, H&R may have made a few changes that may make you think that this product has declined in quality. But I can assure you the core and original intent of Kiplinger's product is still here.