Concept for Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical company for compounded drugs for hospitals, medical centers & private patients. Disinfectant agents for industrial use in Hospitals, Veterinary, Food industry & Agriculture.

Country: Asia, IL, Israel

  • Jamison Koehler - If You Only Buy One Book on Launching a Solo Law Practice, This Is the One to BuyAlthough I read a number of how-to books before I set up my own law firm a couple of years ago, this is the only one that, until just recently, still sat on my desk. Elefant writes well. She is both inspirational and realistic. Because she seems to have an intuitive feel for precisely the type of questions that you will have, the book is comprehensive without overburdening you with information. In addition to the very practical advice (all of which has proven to be true), I used the book as a roadmap/checklist for all the things I needed to do.
  • Ellen Zagorsky Goldberg - Thank You, Elaine GotschallI am writing b/c it was primarily b/c of the reviews on Amazon that we decided to try the SC diet after our daughter was diagnosed with a very bad case of Crohn's Disease. When she was diagnosed 1.5 years ago, even IV prednisone was not bringing her SED rate (an inflammation marker) down from a scarily high number. After two weeks on SCD, her SED rate was normal!

    My daughter's GI doctor encouraged us to use the diet and says that he tries to get all his patients on to it b/c the results are so impressive.

    I would encourage anyone having GI/IBD troubles or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) to try this diet. You have NOTHING to lose, and a world of good health to potentially gain.

    Good luck!