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  • JillyB "JillB" - Easy to UseI purchased the H&R Block at Home to do my son-in-law's tax return. He has a Schedule C that he files every year and the soft ware was very user friendly. I like that it prompts you by asking several questions in each subject and if the answer is yes to any prompt it takes you through the steps to input the information. I would recommend this software for anyone with Schedule C returns.
  • chad - A work of artMy friends mom calls pink floyd drug music and i said YEP if you listin to this cd and you are in an altered state of mind you will think you might be on a farm its pretty cool. but this cd by itself without the drug influence is one of the best pink floyd cd's made and should be held highly with the best pink floyd cd ever The Wall or well nevermind they are all great. bye
  • A. Vicencio "Gadget geek" - So far so good + awesome features!So I desperately needed the space and I saw this deal on Bensbargains. I decided to purchase it since it was very affordable and 4tb was just something I was looking for.

    I usually never install the software that comes with these hard drives but I decided to try it out. To my surprise, the features on this thing is just amazing. The Seagate Dashboard can allow you to log into your facebook account from your desktop and backup every single picture in your profile. Absolutely love it. It was quick and it was all organized by name all in one place. I've been meaning to backup all my photos on my facebook but this just did it in less than 5 mins.

    So the space + online backup feature = AWESOME.

    I hope this will last me for years to come. *crosses fingers*

    Will definitely advise / update review in the future.
  • Les Gean Burns - Replaced Potassium Hydroxide in my hydrogen generator with this product...I had been experimenting with running my Honda on Hydrogen but was having problems generating enough hydrogen to keep the engine running longer than a couple of minutes. I had been mixing Potassium Hydroxide with the water to increase the PH so it would conduct the current from the pulse width modulator more efficiently and reduce the heat build up. While researching on ways to improve the efficiency I came across this product and decided on a whim to give it a try. I took a teaspoon of the Uranium Ore, heated it and mixed it with a liter of water and poured it into the generator. That was a little over a year and a half ago and the car is still running. I mean, literally, it won't shut off. I have logged over 62,000 miles on that liter of water and am only able to stop the car by shoving it into neutral and applying the brakes. It just sits in my driveway in neutral making a strange humming sound until I'm ready to go. There is, however, possibly some associated health risks since all my hair and teeth have fallen out since I started and there are some strange looking sores developing all over my body. On the positive side, I am enjoying the glow that my body is emitting and the fact that I no longer need a flashlight to walk around in the dark. I'm sure its not related but I saw a squirrel in my yard last week that was actually larger than the Honda. I have been thinking about adding more Uranium but apparently with the half-life rating, its going to be several centuries before the current liter is depleted or the car stops running. In light of the increased gas prices, and the fact I no longer need gasoline, I have given this product a 5 star rating. (Unfortunately I am now being sued by the state tax department for failure to pay road use taxes since I have not bought any gasoline but continue to use the highways and the asphalt melts as car passes over it. Read the other views and I think you'll find this product is for you...
  • Tammy - Yes, its got a pungent odor, but by golly, it works!!I purchased this for my 5 year old, 8 pound Chihuahua mix. He began suffering from seizures while on the Frontline type flea medications so I have been looking for a better alternative for him. A combination of daily flea combing, regular baths, brewer's yeast sprinkled in his food, and the Vet's Best spray seems to be doing the trick! He was never terribly infested with fleas (5 or 6 on a bad day), but since starting this routine, I at most occasionally find one. It does have a strong odor, but I find if I spray it on him before letting him outside in the morning it seems to dissipate pretty well. It also leaves a bit of a residue on his coat, so I do bathe him regularly. Since I'm not willing to see him suffer any more seizures, this is an excellent alternative! I would recommend it highly.