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  • glykon - Better than the other iPadsI got this for my birthday. My hubby also brought the latest gen.larger iPad for comparison.
    This one makes much much better photos! It's also faster, lighter and easier to use.
    I've used it for 3 months and this is the best tech present i ever got! I also got the iPhone 5 but I like to use this more because of the better view.
    If you're hesitating about getting it, don't. It's really the best iPad/ tablet/ kindle you'll find.
  • Mamochka - Wow- couldn't put it downI read this book in two days. I'm so tired of reading formulaic mysteries/thrillers, where I can guess the ending before the author even writes it, but this is not the case with this book! One of the many things that makes "Still Missing" unique is that it is mainly told through the voice of Annie during sessions with her psychiatrist. Annie sees the doctor to try and put her life back together after being abducted and held captive for a year in a cabin in the mountains.. We never meet the psychiatrist; we just hear Annie reciting the horrors of her year as a mountain woman, held prisoner by a man she refers to as "The Freak," being beaten, raped, and otherwise humiliated. Now that Annie has returned to her hometown of Clayton Falls, she still does not feel safe. Is she? Is there something behind her feeling of unease, or is it just a symptom of post-traumatic stress syndrome? Why was Annie abducted? The very unexpected answers to these questions will leave the reader hoping that Chevy Stevens quickly writes another book.
  • S. Brown "S. Brown" - Saved my life!THIS IS MY LIFE SAVER!! I have always been ashamed of how much I sweat. For men, its expected. For women, its disgusting! Thanks to these babies, I am good to go! I can now wear things I couldnt wear before. The other billion amazing reviews are right, they work! I found that I have to use them every four days for the best results, but everyone is different. Buy them and try them. You wont regret it!
  • Nancy Gardner - Informative and effectiveI am in Week 4 of the program and am highly pleased with the results. The book was interesting and easy to read and understand. The hardest part is keeping track of what I've eaten as there are plenty of options from which to chose. The only suggestion I would make would be to create a one page check sheet comparing the food options from each of the phases. I did this for myself and found it easier to shop as I was able to easily select items to use for an entire week (examples: celery, kale, mushrooms, onion, buffalo meat, lean ground beef, chicken: boneless, skinless, white meat, etc.), then pick what I wanted for specific phases (avocado, lamb, lump crab meat, lobster, flounder, etc.). The only thing I miss is apple pie, and I can do without that for 28 days. ;>)
  • Mato Sappa - happy dog; happy ownerMy husky likes to hang by the house most of the time, but occasionally she gets a fever to explore. I love that I can give her some freedom but get notified on my iphone if she's wandered too far. If you read through the instructions you won't have any of the difficulties described in the other reviews. I adjusted the Tagg zone to the right size and am able to clip the tracker securely to her harness. When I need to track her down it shows me an approximate location and I can call her in. If there was continuous tracking on demand, the device would be absolutely perfect.