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  • Terry & Sherry Surrency - Best Office Software yet!I use Microsoft Office religiously each day in my business and in college. I have used every version since Microsoft came on the market. I have also used Word Perfect, Quickbooks, and other office suits. I use Excel, Outlook, Word, Power Point, One Note, Access, and Publisher. After reviewing this program for the nearly a month, I find it to be a relief from the heartaches and misery from the previous office suites. This is by far the best version of Microsoft Office, yet. I am sure that I will come across problems: however, I see it this way: For a program to be this good from the start, just think of how good it will be when all of the bugs have been worked out and it is functioning at it's best.
  • Gay A. Farrar - GOOD RESOURCE!!As the manager of medical transcription at a clinic, my transcriptionists choose this book as their "go-to" book for pharmaceuticals. Very good resource! Waiting to see if a 2013 edition comes out as I order this for my staff.
  • Bill Drew - SOMEWHAT DIFFICULT READINGA very scholarly book. Aslan does not take a religious stand. He does a good job of giving historical context to the life of Jesus, attempting to distinguish between what is factual and what is faith-based. I had to read it twice, reading the chapter by chapter reference material as I read the text on the second round. It's not a book that will keep you spell bound, it's very erudite. I read mostly fast-paced fiction, but this was a good break for me.