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  • twalkerw - Too Good to be True!!!!Listen up, Gal Pals: If you're anything like me--and I bet you are because we are all identical! ;) ;) - you hate the confusion and fear of trying to write with smelly, empowered man-pens. "How do I hold it?" you wonder. "What do I write on?", "What is math?" I hear you, girlfriend. Let's face it, using your husband's pen feels like wearing trousers when not on a bicycle or horseback--it's just wrong! For so long women everywhere have wondered, "Will there ever be a writing utensil for me?"

    Well, Ladies, start your Pengines, because FINALLY there's a reason for girls to be literate! That's right, BIC has come out with BIC Cristal Pens For Her: the pen that's sensitive to my needs, and listens to all my stories about my co-worker Becky. Bitch.

    When I tell my friends, they're skeptical, but the Cristal Pen has completely changed my life. For the past forty years, the weight and heft of a regular pen has kept me from voting. But now that women everywhere have a pen meant for their delicate lady-hands, the United States can rest assured that we'll always have super-hunky presidents. And don't worry, it's not just for dreary activities like voting. BIC Cristal can write recipes, baby names, thank you notes to your gynecologist, and even more recipes! I'm so busy writing, I don't even have time to think about how empty my uterus is! Thanks, BIC!

    Also, unlike regular cheap-o black BIC pens which cost $2.49, my BIC Cristal For Her pens cost $4.99, because I'm worth it. Besides, it's not like it's my paycheck that's taking the hit ;) Thanks, hubby! <3

    So buy BIC Cristal, and make your calligraphy as cristal clear as the glass ceiling!

    (Don't believe me? Just ask Amelia Earhart. She was writing coordinates with a "regular" pen and we all saw how that turned out.)
  • Tammie Bader - ExcellentI received a free sample of this on I woke up with a cold sore starting,I applied the Orajel single dose and omg by the end of the day it didn't get bigger. I get cold sores often and I have tried everything including valtrex and abreva and nothing stopped them as quick as this. Very good product!!!!
  • Sharon Hays - Getting HealthyLove my Nutri Bullet NBR-12. Make myself a fruit and veggie smoothie every morning, great way to start the day. Find myself energized after drinking them. But, one thing I did notice in learning to use my Nutri-Bullet,you need to make sure you tighten the blades before blending or it will leak.And, don't over fill!