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  • ShadenN - Could not put the book down!I could relate to practically every chapter of the book! It is very reassuring to know that the things you encounter are faced by many -if not all - other women. As a "career loving parent" - the term the book uses -, the book gave me a new perspective to many of my reactions and choices , and a new push of confidence... Inspiring... I could not stop reading...
  • Subha Mukhopadhyay - Great Tablet. Simply Loving It.I am in love with this nice little gadget. It is faster than my 6 months old HP laptop which is having 6 GB RAM and Intel I5 processor. You can do almost all your personal computing tasks in this laptop.

    1> Great Screen Display. Better than laptop. When I look into my IPhone 3g after looking into tablet, Iphone screen looks quite dark.
    2> Great Battery Backup. Around 10 hours.
    3> Faster browsing and download even compared to laptops.
    4> Good Camera.
    5> All apps I have used so far (Netflix, Angry Birds, Youtube, Google Maps) runs smoothly even compared to Apple devices.

    1> It does not support non English Unicode fonts. But I think this is problem with Android itself.

    Overall, ASUS made a great device. Transformer prime is much better than any other tablets currently available in the market.
  • Sheri Fogarty - Nice espresso and coffee comboI've been using this for a few weeks now and it's a very nice espresso and coffee maker. The coffee maker is a 10 cup and you can make 2-4 cups of espresso.

    I drink coffee everyday, but I've never made espresso before and thought it might be complicated, but the instructions were good and it was easy. You put the water and espresso ground coffee in and screw the top down securely. It takes a few minutes for the water to heat and the pressure to build and then your espresso fills the carafe. You need to switch the machine off and wait a few minutes until you can open the top to put in the water for frothing milk, and then in 30-60 seconds you can get your milk all nice and frothy. It really does make nice lattes and cappuccinos. We had fun making fancy coffees for company this past weekend and one of our friends who frequents the big coffee chain, said he though these were very good (without the coffee tasting burnt!).

    I did not notice any plastic small like some of the other reviewers, it was fine and I did run water through the cycles a few times before making coffee. It's a little bigger then my previous coffee maker, but not enough to cramp my counters. All in all, a nice machine so you can either have coffee or espresso. Recommended.