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  • M. Mash - Great grill for small spacesAs a condo dweller, I've been a fan of the earlier model Patio Caddie for years. Reliability, fast/high heat generation, and never running out of fuel have been huge advantages. I've known about infrared grills for years, but knew they cost up over a grand. 'Saw this new Infrared Bistro model and had to have it! I gave my beloved Caddie to my son (who loves it!) and got this new model.

    Putting the grill together was logical and straight forward. It did not go together instantly, but what's the big deal? I took it step-by-step and it came together just fine. When completed, the Bistro looks good; much more substantial and better styled than the ol' Caddie. Plus, the grill size is substantially larger.

    'Plugged it in, turned up the power, and WOW! This sucker was up over 550 degress in about ten minutes. As I'd done before, put a small handfull of hickory chips into a foil pouch, poked a few holes in it, and tossed it on the grill and closed the lid. In a few more minutes the awesome aroma of hickory smoke wafted through the patio. Our first test was marinated sirloin skewers. As the meat hit the grill the intense sizzle was terrific. These cooked fast and clean, with that terrific hickory smoke essence.

    I've now been using this grill almost daily for a couple of weeks with chicken, beef, pork, veggies, and shrimp and I love it! Guests are amazed.
  • Anonymous - Hallelujah!After trying every product I could purchase from the store (including but not limited to men's deodorant, women's deodorant, prescription strength "Certain Dry" and everything else in between), I finally turned to the internet in a last-ditch effort to wear any color other than black. I stumbled across this product and, although skeptical at first, I decided to give it a shot.

    Holey Sweet Drypits, Batman!

    All joking aside, this product is finally the first that actually worked, with good reason why. While most deodorant products contain 9-10% Aluminum Chloride at best, this product contains 14% (which is 2% more than Certain Dry). Granted, you have to follow the directions on the box specifically in order for it to work:

    1) Make sure your underarms are clean and dry. I used this product after I showered, but make sure not to shave right before or it will increase irritation (guys may need to clip their hair a little).
    2) Put it on just before bed. This is the key step because you want to put it on when you have at least a 4-5 hour period of no sweating.
    3) Walk around with your arms in the air until it drys completely.
    4) Go to bed. If you like to sleep nice and warm, try to at least turn down the heating blanket, lower the thermostat, or remove a few layers of blankets so you stay cooler at night; Otherwise you may just sweat off the product before it gets a chance to work.
    5) It will tingle and have a slight itch -- but this means it is working! I'm usually a light sleeper, but the one time that this itching did keep me up, I just took an ibuprofen tablet to block it out so I could sleep. No problemo, Amigo.

    Viola! Enjoy your ability to move your arms around, wear bight colored cotton shirts, and generally enjoy life again.

    Some notes from my experience directly:
    - You can get at least 3 uses out of each wipe if it is properly stored back in its original pouch, but by the 3rd use it is not as effective as the first time.
    - You can use this on your face (even though the directions say not to). I dabbed just under the corner of each of my eyes making sure NOT to get it too close where it could get INTO my eye. The next day my makeup did not run and make me look like a raccoon. Yay! Beware, however, that this product will make your skin extra dry, especially in sensitive areas such as the face. I would avoid using it on the face more than once a week.
    - Speaking of dry, I did develop a minor rash. I used the product several nights within the same week and after about the 3rd go, the back of one of my arms had a very minor, slightly pink, dry rash. Immediately cleared up with a little lotion. Just be aware if you paint outside the lines that more sensitive areas may dry out more easily. However, I have yet to develop a rash on my actual arm pit and I haven't had any issue since that first time. I would say this one is more my fault than the fault of the product.
    - The product becomes more effective with time. In my first week my sweating was so severe that, as the previous comment said, I had to use it three times to get the best effect. However, each week after that I only had to apply it on Sunday night to be fine for the rest of the week.
    - I still used deodorant each morning! Although the product helps with sweating, it does not help with smell. I am not a smelly person, but I have a lovely deodorant that helps hydrate and keep my underarms smooth. Plus it smells like citrus!
    - I run for long distances, and after using this product I did not sweat as heavily under my arms even after passing the 6 mile mark.
    - I mixed products. Although this product is the most effective, it is also the most expensive. If I ever had a week that was particularly stressful/athletic and I needed a minor mid-week boost in my sweat treatment, I used a little certain dry since I still had a bottle I previously purchased. Although it wasn't effective by itself, it seemed to work by being paired with Sweat Block.

    I hope this helps anyone who is interested in purchasing this product. Obviously, I highly recommend it and have given 5 stars according. I wish you the best of luck with your new sweat-free lifestyle.

    - The Artist Formerly Known as Sweaty