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  • M. Johnson "May Seas" - Using it again...I used QB 10 years ago when I managed my own CPA firm. Now I'm using it as the treasurer for community non-profit organizations. Lots of new features, but I keep going back to using it like Quicken, mainly the check register, because I use Quicken for my personal record-keeping. Non-profits don't have vendors or customers or jobs, per se, so I'll tweak it a little to fit my needs. I like all my Intuit products - Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax. So easy to use!
  • Catherine "cath" - Great... highly recommended!!I really find this book useful in pda, but when I am at home. I rather read it off a book to save my eyes. This is more than enough comprehensive cover for my clinical phrase in medical school. It is very updated, brief, and straight to the point as compare to the big classic Harrision IM volumes. If you want more detail and have the lux and time to read more into each topic, then get the Harrision IM. Else, this is good enough for management.
  • chelsea - Recommended :)Absolutely love my kindle fire HD !! Take it every where and very light and portable tablet ! Clear view and adjust to my light. Very happy to have purchase this tablet and would recommend. My sister ha purchased the apple tablet mini same time I purchased my kindle and both do the same features mine was just extremely cheaper so happy to save !
  • Jaime Vendera ""Phoenix Earth" produc... - Not much different than 2010 but. I like itI'm a Word user mostly and found 2013 to be very similar to 2010 except I am excited about the PDF upgrade that allows me to work with a PDF within word. At first I was worried about the cloud integration (something. I never use except for Google) because I thought it would require a continual Internet connection. Luckily, I was wrong in my assumption. Office 2013 installs on your desktop and you do not have to rent it like Office 365. I'm not keen on Office 365 considering Google offers apps like Drive for free, Still, I prefer Word over Drive and I'm happy with office 2013, though it is a bother that it is only one license. However, for the price, I can understand the one license agreement for their suite.