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  • zorba - Wonderful People, Wonderful PlaceThe books in Smith's "Ladies' Number 1 Detective Agency" series are a treasure. When you read the first page of any of them you are transported to a wondrous society where almost everyone is nice, where old values predominate, where courtesy and dignity prevail, where subtle humor and timeless wisdom frame everyday life. It's not a fairy land -- it's Botswana. And Smith writes of this magic place with love and familiarity. As in the earlier books, this one is peopled with wonderful characters, each with a unique character and each having the strengths and weaknesses of the human animal. But the REAL magic is in how Smith structures his stories and builds in suspense and insight in such a fashion that the reader is totally entranced. This series started off excellent and has improved with each book, although I must say this one, albeit a wonderful book, is not the best of the series. But no matter. The "#1 Ladies" books are classics and will remain so for a long time. Each is a gem and each takes you away, for ever so short a time, from our crazy world and puts us in a place where sanity reigns. This book is no exception
  • JohnFTL - Love it!I'm a late adapter by choice these days and this is my first tablet. I didn't buy it from Amazon because I found it new on sale at a nicely discounted price elsewhere. I bought it just under a month ago and I haven't really had the time to dig into all the features on it but so far I've had no issues with it and I'm loving what I see. The only thing I didn't know is that the newest versions of Flash isn't compatible with the newer Android OS's. I see that some people are giving this tablet bad reviews because of this, but this problem is very easily solved by downloading an older, archived version of Flash from the Adobe website. That's what I did, and mine now plays internet videos and streams flawlessly. This thing is fast. It has a nice camera and good basic features. I bought a leather case with a blutooth keyboard for it because I hate typing on touch screens, and it works great. It comes with a decent amount of internal memory but I added memory just in case I need it. I love that it is so compact and easy to carry around, and it has a nice heft to it so it doesn't feel light and cheap like some others I've looked at out there. Have to be careful where you put it down though. Its so small and thin that someone could easily steal it and slip in in their jacket or a handbag. This tablet is a thing of beauty. The colors and brilliance of the images on the screen are impressive. I don't have anything bad to say about it at all. I looked at the Ipad before I bought this, and although I'm not knocking Apple (because I own some of their products), to me, this Samsung tablet is a much better value. If you're planning to get a tablet I recommend getting this one.
  • MSRody - Small, Efficient, FastWebroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2013-3 PC
    Webroot Secure Anywhere is small. Smallest download and tightest install ever. It's not just a small installer that downloads a massive database. It really is small. It takes very little room on the HD. The Webroot directory has a 710kb .exe file and nothing else.

    It's Efficient. Because of it's cloud based technology I don't have to hassle with updates and downloads. On my own system that's great, but what about my kid's laptop or my wife's? That makes webroot a very efficient virus scanner. I can't wait for our office McAfee subscription to end so we can make the change there.

    Webroot is fast. Seriously. I just scanned my system in 1m 5s. Say no more. Okay a little more, 750Gb HD.

    One more thing. I have to assume it's working because I've had not problems in the few months it's been on my system.
  • Mr. Anchovy "He reads books!" - Warning: Description on Package is Accurate!As a Man of Today, I like to consider myself open-minded, especially in the areas of hygiene, roleplaying, and writing tools. So when I saw BIC Cristal for Her, I thought, "Is that a spelling error? Did BIC mean to write 'Crystal' and forget how? Or were they really comparing their ink-filled shaft to an expensive champagne, or even better, a famous telenovella?" There didn't seem much point to pondering it further, but I was curious as to how these pastel-hued implements of composition would work for someone such as me, with superfluous nipples and a penchant for watching pro wrestling. So I clicked a pack into my shopping cart, and then bought a CD of Clutch's newest album, "Earth Rocker," and a pack of disposable personal wipes for, you know, just to get that total above $25 and qualify for free shipping.

    A week to ten days later, Clutch was blasting on my stereo, my hinder was fresher than a spring cotillion, and a BIC Cristal was in my hand. It was that purple one, second from the left in the pack.

    Well men, let me tell you. That sucker slipped through my fingers faster than a $20 at a strip club, and you know what I'm talking about. I couldn't grip that girl wand no way, no how. Was it witchcraft? Some sort of BIC-Chick Power Stick? Beats the holy heck out of me.

    Finally I picked it up with two hands, and do you know what happened? No you don't, because you weren't there, but I'll tell you. I started to write down my feelings. And I dotted the I's with little hearts using the pink pen (second from the right in the pack). And I regretted putting on that new Clutch CD, and really wished I had some Ani DiFranco.

    Take it from me, muchachos. You don't want any part of this pen.
  • mayhemdiva - The Tradition continueSince 1988 Barbie has celebrated the year with a Doll..this beauty in red and diamond trim reminds us of the wonders of 2012 and the red letter days it had like 12/12/12..I have every one since 1988 and every year they always bring a big smile to my face..I never take them out of the box but she brings s big smile to my face, and the little girl in me wonders at her grand ball gown and impossible perfection...cant wait till next year..always a quality product often with little extras