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  • IcartM "Things that make you go 'Hmmmm'" - Non-intrusiveI hate Norton. It is the bossiest protection software out there. It reminds me of the nagging mother/wife who is always asking "Did you eat your breakfast?". "Did you take your vitamins?" "Wear your jacket! It's cold out there!". Mcafee on the other hand just sits back there and does it's thing. It gets you your breakfast, your vitamins and your jacket without your even realizing it has even done it.

    The biggest gripe people used to have was the need to buy more than one copy of protection software when they owned more than one PC. That has changed over the years. Software makers have finally woken up to the fact that many homes have more than one computer (I own 4 active ones).

    I have used AVG, Norton, Mcafee, Webroot and a couple others. I always like Mcafee the best.
  • Ilana "Ilana, Founder of GrandmothersMillions... - The Metabolic PlanIf you are serious about taking responsibility for your health, and desire a tool that you can use to decipher all the medical jargon and how it pertains to you, then The Metabolic Plan is your book.
    As a Type II diabetic I wanted to understand how I could prevent and possibly reverse the effects of this disease. Armed with the information form Cherniske's book, and a Doctor who worked with me, I have been able to improve my life significantly.
    The Metabolic Plan is packed with information that you can use to transform your life and understand all the medical jargon that Doctors use to evaluate your health. It is the `go to' book if you want to take charge of you health. With the information provided in The Metabolic Plan you can work better with your physician to improve your overall health.
  • princess_20 - Godsend !!!Best item for ladiesFirst I would like to say I am an actual consumer and have not been paid to write this review.Second I would like to say I rarely write product reviews ;unless I love or hate an item.

    My product arrived recently packaged in a small discreet box.I first opened the Waterworks system 4/17/2012 and read the instruction packet included ,then quickly assembled my new product.It was very simple to assemble and took about 5-10 minutes the first time as I was being very careful not to break anything!(After a few uses I became more comfortable with the product noticing its sturdy structure and great craftsmanship tailored for a woman's body)

    As many women have stated in previous reviews I was having a very common problem also with reoccuring BV and/or Yeast infections caused by not taking enough probiotics and other preventitive methods I had not used previously due to lack of knowledge.
    I had just treated myself for a yeast infection using OTC antifulgal cream & tea tree feminine wash I now mix myself using essential tea tree oil, and a probiotic acidophilus (capsule form) .That worked very well, but I still had a slight odor. I then used my waterworks system and after only 1 use the odor was almost completely gone; WOW! I was shocked , I have tried everything in the book and now after only a few uses odor is COMPLETELY gone and I feel so fresh and clean and I am back to my old natural fresh vaginal flora LOL! it feels great! I can tell I will be addicted to this product but after I use it every day for 2 weeks, I will only use waterworks once every 2 wks. for maintenance as I don't want to upset my natural PH balence again!

    Thankyou Waterworks !!! Ladies your coochie will thank you --smile-- (and so will your men)
  • run1969 - This system really works!I am 43 years old and still struggle with mild acne. I have tried just about every product on the market with no success. I can honestly tell you that this system works great for me. I use the system twice a day as instructed and my skin has never been more under control. Even if you do get a pimple, they are always small and go away quickly. My skin is not over dry and I love the products. Highly recommend this skin care line.