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  • Arlington Res "Arlington VA Res" - I savored this readStarting at the end: After reading this book, I realized that Tessaro also wrote a little paperback I'd read some time ago, "Elegance." I'd picked that up at a yard sale or used bookstore somewhere, and I never would have connected the two volumes without the notation in the back of "Collector." Still, the author's fascination with other time periods - the mid-20th century in particular - is very clear and exceptionally well-captured throughout the book. She does an exceptional job of building ambiance - you can "see" the rooms and the fashion and, yes, even "smell" the perfume. I was very impressed.

    As far as the mystery component of the novel goes, most careful readers will figure out connections fairly early on, but that doesn't make the book any less compelling or enjoyable in my opinion. In fact, I think it frees the reader up to really absorb the detail the author shares throughout the novel and makes it easier to relate to the characters - what they're thinking and why they're behaving the way they do.

    The novel transitions from the "present" (in this case, 1955) to the past (the early 1920s), and moves between different characters and the events of their lives throughout the course of the book. In some cases, I really dislike this kind of convention, but I think it really works in this novel, and didn't feel disruptive or manipulative, as it sometimes can.

    I'm very impressed with the advancement of Ms. Tessaro's writing abilities from the early novel I read to this one, and I'm looking forward very much to more from her in the future.

    You'll want to give yourself the right space to read this one - a lazy day when the kids/husband/boyfriend/roomate may be away, and you can spend a good amount of quiet time with yourself and a thoroughly enjoyable book.
  • ryan - Great tabletI've been following the reviews on this tablet for a long time, even while I own the tablet. I was a little worried when purchasing the tablet but I've come to find out that the best way to figure it out is to buy it yourself. I'm a simple person who uses this for surfing the web, reading, YouTube and some games. For all of these things this tab works great and I have no problems what so ever. My wi-fi works just fine, even after going to the ground level of my apartment, yes the signal drops a bar or two but surfing the web is still fast. The screen on this thing is amazing, I read comics all day at work and the 16:9 ratio really works for me, a lot better than an Ipad which is what the girlfriend has. Having a total of 5 processers really helps this thing blaze thru all the window screens and the flash content for the websites I go on which is great. I've only had one crash and I've had the prime for about three weeks. ICS is great and ASUS seems to be pushing firmware almost every other week. I guess my only problem with this thing is that ASUS calls purple tint gray...It's really no big deal because I have a case for it but I really wish it was a gray not a purplish gray. Also remember to charge the battery a full 8 hours before use, my lord was that a hard thing to do but now I go about two and a half days on the battery and I use this thing all day at work doing some reading, watching videos and surfing the web and then I go home and do the same thing.

    In short I really do think that if your interested in this tablet then go for it. Amazon has a 30 day return policy and the fact that I didn't pay taxes for this made me get 2 day shipping. I paid $511 on Amazon with two day shipping rather than going to a Best Buy and spending $535 after tax. I would've gotten next day for $521 but I wouldn't have been home when the tablet was delivered.
  • Sherry - Great Product,I don't mind powdery products but my friends who can't stand that type of texture cannot handle drinking this product, however if you put it in a blender and blend it with milk or a smoothie than some may like it more. I drink it straight just by stirring it into some almond milk, and I like not to mix it in all the way because I like that chalky like taste. I crave this product and feel really really good, healthy and energetic when drinking it. (when rushed and only have time for a liquid diet, I also drink Healthforce Fruits of The Earth, Powder, and put a teaspoon or 2 in grape juice so with these 2 products I feel like I'm getting a full meal deal)