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  • H. Fox - Great set for a great priceI already had Lichtspielhaus, the previous Rammstein music video collection, but it ended at the Mutter era. It also lacked "Making Of" documentaries for most of the videos. This set has all of their current videos, and a documentary for each one. Unlike Lichtspielhaus, it contains no other features, just the music videos and documentaries, no live performances or promos spots.

    Also, don't be alarmed if one of the DVDs fell out of the holder during shipping, it shouldn't be scratched, if it is, return it and hope for the best.
  • Bjord - Very happy!This was my first on-line order for books. I requested the used 2011 CPT spiral bound manual 2 days ago and received it today. It's everything it was described and more, hardly been opened. I am very excited to get on with my class I'm taking on-line for Medical Coding and a book that is just like new. This has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely use Amazon again. I'm very impressed! Thank you.
  • Annette C - brilliant and shatteringA gripping account of one family's horrific experience of Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath, an almost unbelievable account of man's inhumanity to man in an atmosphere of chaos during the break down of normal society. In the final issue, what happened after was far worse than the hurricane.
    This is one of the two best books I have read this year - the other, similar in some ways, is The Lizard Cage by Carol Connelly