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  • Peter Ko - 365 days of coverageI tried the 15 day demo and was impressed at how fast this antivirus scan my computer. I'm also happy that the file size is so small. I was going to buy it from the manufacture but saw that it was $5 less here and I jumped on it.

    The reason for the 4 stars is because my subscription term stated "365 days." Where is my extra 90 days? I'm too lazy to call amazon or the manufacture so I'll just live with the 1 year.

    Update: 4/12/12

    I have my extra 90 days without doing anything. The manufacture took care of me. Thank you Webroot.
  • Kristin Pangallo - get the data and start a conversationI loved this book. Not because I agree with all of the conclusions that the author came to. Not because I like to go against the medical establishment. Not because I am wild and generally don't worry about things in life.

    In fact, I'm pretty darn cautious. Especially when pregnant.

    I loved this book because the author dove deep into the scientific literature, rounded up the studies on a huge variety of topics, sorted through them, and presented what the scientists had found. Then she stated her own conclusions, often also provided the differing conclusions of her friends, and always provided how the medical establishment (usually the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, or ACOG) interpreted the results.

    Through out she was explicit with her reasoning, criteria, and (perhaps most importantly) putting the numerical risk estimates into context. I say most importantly, because it is easy to forget that nothing we do is without risk. Nothing. And knowing and understanding the relative risks of the choices your are considering is the only way to make a sound, evidence-based choice. And, for those of us who also enjoy reading a good scientific paper (we do exist), she provides all the citations. In other words, to paraphrase Levar Burton, "You don't have to take [her] word for it."

    The point of this book, as the author makes very clear, is to help women become educated and informed in order to have productive conversations with their care provider about their choices during pregnancy. If you use this book in that way, to become more informed and be able to ask sound questions and evaluate the risk estimates you receive during your pregnancy, you will be doing yourself and your baby very well.

    This book is NOT telling you what to think. It is NOT a substitute for conversations with your medical care provider. It is NOT a better resource than the guidelines provided by ACOG. But is a wonderful addition to what is currently available to pregnant women.
  • JanetS.Ritchie - Eat This, Not ThatWe purchased "Grill This, Not That" first. As a result we decided to purchase "Eat This, Not That!" and begin at the beginning! We have had great success with little effort. Since following the suggestions and some of the recipes we have both lost the weight that we have needed to; without feeling deprived. Our nutrition balance has been established AND we are both feeling much better. Thanks for the great information.
  • Albert J - SEO the Big PictureSEO 2012 & Beyond began to put search engine optimization together for me. I have read quite a bit about SEO. I am a little analytical and I need to know the how and why before I can tackle something. This is the first book to help me create a mind map to really understanding the SEO concept. Yes the book has a number of specific tasks, but what I really appreciated was the way the author helped me understand the overall concept of SEO. What once felt like an overwhelming goal has shrunk down to a manageable task.
  • jamie - Matthew Hussey is a genius!If you're single or you're married or you'd like to be married or you just want to have a better life, this book is essential reading. I have no idea how Matthew figured out love, life and the universe, but he has, and we all benefit. It's an unlikely book - it has video snippets supplementing the text - but that's a great addition because he's enthusiastic, charismatic and generally adorable. You will love getting to know him and yourself. I love this book, and you will too. It's perfection - from the organization to the detailed information about how, specifically, to get the guy. Don't forget to check out his YouTube videos.