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  • Natalia Tarazona - Great product and effective!Have been using this product for a few weeks now and I love it! I haven't felt any side effects and it does curb my appetite. Not a lot but enough where I don't feel like I'm starving between meals. Other products that I have tried have given me a slight headache but definitely not this one. I have managed to combine these pills with healthy meals and gym work outs five days a week and I've lost almost 15 pounds! I recently ordered my second bottle and I'm looking forward to continuing my quest to lose 40 pounds. I can't speak for everyone but I really do like this product and would recommend it.
  • Molly06 - This product has worked wonders for me!Before taking this product, I use to have problems with chronic constipation resulting in problems with hemroids. I now take this product daily with my evening meal and have softer and more productive bowel movements. With Activia you have to consume at least 3 per day so I'll stick with 1 pill per day of Colon Health. Love this product!
  • Letizia Bonifacio - Love love love uppababyDont let anyone tell you different. The price is a little high but all worth it!! Quality is amazing, shock resistance, comes w bassinet not like bugaboo, extra rumble seat when you have a second child AMAZING, weight not so bad, take me a little to close but it's not bad, does take up room in my trunk but much Better then other strollers, storage space amazing, and 5 point harness is safe. I love everything about my uppa baby. I have had it for 2 1/2 years and usually don't write reviews but I would love for everyone to get this and I know reviews were important to me when buying baby products.
  • Steven Sly - Pink Floyd - Are You A Dog Pig Or Sheep?"Animals" is one of those albums that gets fairly mixed reviews from Pink Floyd fans. Most don't rate it up with the band's best, and it seems to have been a bit of a transitional album for the band. I have always thought that it was a brilliant piece of work. The album is probably the hardest rocking of any of Floyd's stuff, and the lyrics rank right up with Roger Waters most cynical. The album is somewhat based on George Orwell's Animal Farm with humanity divided into Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep. Anyone who works in the corporate world should be able to relate to "Dogs" and "Sheep" is one of the best single compositions the band ever did in my opinion. "Pigs (3 Different Ones)", does not work quite as well, but is still solid. The opening and closing acoustic numbers "Pigs On The Wing Part One And Two" serve as an intro and coda to the rest of the material. David Gilmour has some great guitar parts on this disc and Richard Wright's keyboard work is some of his most creative. Opinions certainly seem to vary on this one, but for me it is another essential album in my Pink Floyd collection.