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  • S. Schwartz "romonko" - This One's a Ringer!This fifth book in the Stephanie Plum series is a winner, and I think the best so far in the series. In it we get to see more of our favourites - Stephanie herself, Grandma Mazur, Lula and of course the fabulous Ranger!. The sparks between Ranger and Stephanie light up the book in this one. I defy anyone to be able to put the book down once you start it. I know that I couldn't. In this book Stephanie's bounty hunting has reached a low point since there don't seem to be many bail jumpers, but she gets talked into trying to find her Uncle Fred who disappeared from a grocery store parking lot. Sounds easy, but in true Plum fashion she bites off way more than she can chew. I lost track of the number of vehicles that she wrecked. And did I mention Ranger? We see lots of him in this one and he's a peach! Dangerous as can be, but still a peach, and Steph finds herself losing her head a little over him. You'll have to read to see what happens between them. A Stunner of a book!
  • chad - A work of artMy friends mom calls pink floyd drug music and i said YEP if you listin to this cd and you are in an altered state of mind you will think you might be on a farm its pretty cool. but this cd by itself without the drug influence is one of the best pink floyd cd's made and should be held highly with the best pink floyd cd ever The Wall or well nevermind they are all great. bye
  • Ellen - A Wonderful Journey Through EnglandI have wanted to go to England, specifically to visit the paths of Jane Austen and her books. I picked this book up hoping to visit through the eyes of Susan Branch. I was not disappointed. I read and read without any sense of time. Susan especially touched my emotions when she visited the home of Beatrix Potter. Susan had used B.P. as a literary and artistic mentor when beginning her water color painting and writing. Tears, yes, tears came to my eyes when reading this section. I must say that the Jane Austen section was shorter than I hoped, but I still loved and enjoyed this book. Thank you Susan Branch!
  • Hal Candor - Another person who actually read this book.Yes, I am actually another person who read this book. If you read the garbage from the obvious liberals who didn't, you wasted your time. If you have to talk to a liberal read this book first. Ann backs up everything she says, with the exception of the obvious inside joke which liberals do not get anyway, with references. She doesn't have to make anything up; liberals provide plenty of real stupidity to make fun of everyday. I particularly enjoyed reading the articles that didn't originally make it into publication, until now. I hope she follows up this book with a sequel. I couldn't put it down it; was really funny.