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  • Xenosaiyan - It smells terribleBut it kills the mold in my bathroom. Killed the stuff like it was standing still. But seriously, this is the best product on the market, you spray it and next thing you know the mold is gone the next morning. I don't know where it went, and do I even care. I didn't even wipe it, mainly because I'm lazy, but at least I cared enough to get the mold gone. Spray Spray GONE!
  • Denise L. Passero - Proactiv seems to work very well for meI want to start by telling you all that I came here about a month or two ago to read the reviews on Proactiv. I did subscribe to it directly through the company. I am 57 years old with post menopausal acne problems. I am also African American. Not that this matters but it does effect how my skin behaves. I suffered with acne as a teenager -- moderate to severe -- and as I got older, my acne subsided. I had many acne scars which did fade over time on their own. Early this year I started to break out again like a 16-year old. I tried some natural products, some supermarket products and did not get any relief -- in fact they made the problem worse. I was determined not to have to deal with this problem at this age. I had seen Proactiv commercials and was hesitant to start it. I did not realize that it was a subscription-based plan at the outset. Either I just did not read the information on the site carefully enough or it wasn't that obvious. Either way, I decided that I needed something so I would try it.

    I will tell you that it has been about 2 months and my skin has never been this clear. Granted, the effectiveness of a product may depend on the person and the kind of acne they have but I can honestly tell you the my skin is more smooth and more clear than it has EVER been. I do get an occasional pimple now and then so it is not a cure. They tell you that acne cannot be cured -- only controlled. Even so, I don't get pimples very often now and if I do get a pimple, it is dealt with right away and effectively. I added the refining mask which seems to be very effective in dealing with the occasional bump. I am very happy I bought it. I do have a few dark scars from acne but the product does not claim to remove scars. It does claim to even out skin tone from the discoloration that can accompany break outs. Right now, my face is tan from summer so it is not so obvious and my acne scars seem to fade anyway on their own in time so I am not terribly worried about them. But,aside from those three or four scars, my skin is wonderful.

    As far as the horror stories I am reading here about cancelling it are concerned, I can't say except my niece was using it for a while and she liked it very much. It worked well for her also and she suffers from acne worse than I did. But she could not afford it any more so she cancelled it and I never heard that getting out of it was an issue for her. I don't plan on stopping it since it is working for me so well but I guess I will find out at some point how difficult it will be to cancel the subscription. I suspect that if you tell your bank to deny any further payments to them, they will stop it quickly enough because I cannot imagine they will continue to send you product if they are not getting paid.

    So, that is my story. So far, I love the product. It works very well. If you wear make up, they tell you to get a foundation that has the acne medicine in it. I did this even though I don't wear make up very often, when I do, it has the medicine in it which helps because the medicine sits on my face all day that day. Anyway, it was worth it for me.
  • Apple - Has been a great productMy husband had bad breath that could not be corrected by going to the dentist and their treatment, so we knew it was not a dental issue, but the bad breath remained until I bought this product. I should go on auto delivery, because I have been ordering it on a regular basis because it works so well. So much better sitting in church with him now when he talks to me... and can you imagine what others thought but did not say, when he was near them talking; just saved him some embarrassment, but that is just what wives do... LOL: Just hope he would do the same for me.
  • JIsaacs8 - Save your phone battery and use the iPad MiniI love my iPad Mini. I was using my iPhone for everything you can imagine and it was draining my phone battery. Whenever I got a call, it would kick off my game or whatever app I was running. Now that I have the iPad, I pretty much only use my phone as a phone and I can talk while still using my apps. Another thing I noticed while using my iPhone was the considerable amount of eye strain it was causing. The larger screen on the iPad mini is perfect. I also like the size of the mini versus the regular iPad. It's small enough to tote around with me where ever I go and it sits nicely on the couch arm if you have a case that props it up. I highly recommend the iPad if you want a larger gaming area for games such as Hay Day and Candy Crush.
  • Heather - Rush - Live in ClevelandI'm not sure what I think, but my husband is head over heels for this DVD concert. He set up our entire sound system in the living room - creating a Bermuda Triangle with him and the speakers - in order to maximize the sound authenticity for maximun enjoyment. He just loves this DVD and Rush. He says, "THOSE GUYS HAVE STILL GOT IT. BIG TIME." What a geek. :)