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  • Professor Thomas R. W. Longstaff "Tom" - Buy Quicken from AmazonQuicken Deluxe 2011I have been using Quicken for many years and am very happy with it. I update to the new version every 3 years and find that important because the new features are helpful and having a relatively recent version is important for connection to financial institutions.

    Every time a new version comes out I get a disk from Quicken offering me a special deal to update to the new version at a discounted price. So far I have always found that I can order the same product new from Amazon (not an upgrade disk) and at a lower cost than Quicken's special discount for faithful customers. Buyer beware and buy this one from Amazon.
  • J. Chung - The only book of its kind!I used this book when I volunteered at hospitals in Kenya and Papua New Guinea. While it is not a medical textbook, it is indispensable for the village healer. I don't understand the reviewers who gave this book one star just because they misunderstood the purpose of the book. The cover clearly states "Village" handbook. If you are looking for a family first aid book, this obviously won't do the job. If you are looking for a medical book to help you treat third-world villagers, there is no better book. At the hospital I worked at, there was a library of many health care books made for the third world, but there was nothing that compared to this book. The other books were more like watered down medical textbooks, trying to explain modern medicine for the under-educated. This book is full of common sense treatments that can be used by anyone, such as how to make your own oral rehydration fluid for dehydrated children (homemade Pedialyte for a fraction of the cost), how to tell the difference between marasmus and kwashiorkor, how to diagnose the different types of malaria, etc. I'm a doctor, and I still find information in this book that I can't find in the big text books. For the Third World, this book will always remain important and relevant.
  • Laurel Macdonald - Beautiful RuinsI couldn't put this book down. Jess Walters jumps back and forth from one plot to another, from one character to another, balancing one character's heartache with another's shallow maneuverings. This high-speed juggling between past and present, between the sincere and the sordid, makes for grand entertainment.
    The downside would be the plot-driven-ness. As Walters speeds into the present, he moves into hyperdrive, swerving around people's lives like a racecar driver trying to take the lead. The result is a whirlwind of action and an accompanying feeling of nausea, but that's all to the point: we're all interested in the fast and the furious and don't really have time for serious reflection or serious books.
  • Nancy - Are we the good guys?I like "The Road" for the same reasons others dislike it. I like it because of its minimalism. I like it because the extinction-level event (ELE) goes unnamed, as do the man and the boy. I like that the father and his boy are on a road coming from nowhere and going to nowhere but going all the same. I like the unconventional writing style, the sparse dialogue, the repetition. The writing is so minimal that the reader is forced to focus on only one thing: the relationship between the father and son, and in my opinion, this is where the gold is hidden. "The Road" is filled with beautiful symbolism, yet there is an unsettling fear and anxiety always floating on the surface because running for your life is one thing, running for your life with a child in tow is another, but running for your life BECAUSE you have a child in tow is a game changer altogether. Amid the gray, bleak, post-apocalyptic desperation and fight for survival, "The Road" is about love, and McCarthy does an excellent job of making it work.