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  • Laura - Great Product and Fast ShippingI ordered one for me and one for my husband and even though we started the challenge less than a week ago, we are already seeing the results! I would definitely recommend this product and company. They shipped right away and even emailed me to make sure I had received it. When I need to stock up on this I will be ordering from them again.
  • Patrick J. Corcoran - Class ActThe other reviews I read were all from women so I wasn’t sure if this was a chick book (like a chick flick). Trust me this no chick (flick) book. Another review quoted someone else saying it was not well written. Quite the contrary.

    Like the early Grisham books I couldn’t stop reading it. I couldn’t wait to read what happened next. The news reports never told the entire story of what Elizabeth had endured at the hands of these evil people. This book does.

    With all of the bad things we read about every day such as the knock out game, people losing their health insurance and doctors and a president who lies with impunity, it was refreshing to ready about a girl of faith. Elizabeth survived because of her strong belief in God. She believed her recently deceased grandfather was watching out for her. She believed in angels and miracles. She prayed and had her prayers answered.

    You will not feel dirty after reading the disgusting things these people did (and they did) and you will not feel sorry for Elizabeth. Because Elizabeth is the embodiment of purity, class, grace and character, after reading this book you’ll feel uplifted because Elizabeth has blessed you with her qualities.