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  • Konrad "Trudging On" - Roku3 has faster processing than my Roku2XS.I can't quote numbers but it is obvious to me from operating both that the processor in the Roku3 is faster than the processor in my Roku2XS when I switch channels and commands. Setup was easy using my existing Roku account. Line-of-sight between remote and box is not needed to use the 3 so I put the box behind a sound bar.
  • Jack - A must buy for residentsThis is one of two handbooks that is considered a must buy for interns and residents. I had this in my pocket during all my residency, since there are new drugs all the time. This handbook is small, easy to put in your white coat pocket, and has everything you need to know on the spot regarding antibiotics and sensitivities. Have a patient with a UTI who is Sulfa allergic? This handbook will tell you what to prescribe. A great buy at a great price.
    I also highly recommend that new interns and residents pick up Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2012 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition. This is probably the booklet that I used the most as a resident, and still often refer to it as a practicing doctor today. There are new medications every day, and this book helps you keep track of them.
  • Doug Parks - Repeating Cycles of TimeThis book is destined to become Gregg Braden's classic work. In this time of such obvious global change, Gregg gives us the tools to grasp the cycles that are playing out and the wisdom to understand the vital role each one of us plays. The time code calculator I found fascinating, the observations from a scientist enlightening and the uplifting view of 2012 a true gift from a great teacher.
  • Peter A. Becker - Wow! Perfect for the ultimate Rush fan!This DVD is a lot of fun, right from the beginning, which starts out with the classic, campy "Rash" satire. We saw this same show live earlier in the tour, and I am enjoying the DVD of the Cleveland show every bit as much as the live act we caught in VA. The audio is so clear, you can see/here everything so well, in that sense it far surpasses the live show. So many of our favorite tunes are here, and the playing is simply superb. My son plays bass and he is crazy about Geddy (naturally!), and I play guitar and love all of Alex's work. And we are both in awe of Neil! Can't go wrong with this, it's a phenomenal tour de force from beginning to end. There will never be another band like Rush!